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Goodbye, 2012! Hello, 2013!

By Julie Zeff

Can you believe it? It’s here again … that really special time. As December 2012 turns into January 2013, something almost magical happens. It is as if a door to the old closes, and doors to new opportunities open, inviting you in. It is a time of hope, opportunity and fresh starts.

This magic doesn’t just happen by accident. It happens when you pay conscious attention. It happens when you create and intend it.

When we welcome in something new, we say goodbye to some of the old. What are you saying “goodbye” and “hello” to this year?

I have rituals that I’ve created to help me say goodbye to the old and to welcome in the new. You can do it, too! Create a ritual or year-end review this December that inspires and excites YOU.

I’ve posted some thought-provoking inquiries below to get you started.

And, if you find yourself wanting more and would like me to walk you through a Year-End Ritual & Visualization, step-by-step, then head here to download the FREE MP3 recording, Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! You can listen to any time you wish.

Taking the time to reflect consciously on the past year and the year to come willabsolutely help you to create and live a vivid, extraordinary 2013 that you love!

Meanwhile, here are a few inquiries to get you started…

December Vivid Living Year-End Food for Thought
1. List your top 10 events/memories/moments from 2012.
2. What did you like least about 2012?
3. What you have learned in 2012 that you want to remember in 2013 and beyond?
4. What do you want to create, accomplish, be and claim in 2013?
5. Give this upcoming year a name.
6. Go live an amazing 2013!
A Sample of Julie’s 2012 Highlights

1. List my top 5 events/memories/moments/accomplishments from 2012.
• Publishing my book & conducting my first book signing
• Driving Cross Country, solo, with all three kids from Los Angeles to Atlanta
• Exploring Atlanta and fully enjoying southern hospitality
• Celebrating my 40th birthday
• Celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary with a weekend get-away in Georgia
2. What did you like least about 2012?
• When I didn’t get enough sleep
• The days when I sold myself short because of fears or insecurities (Ogres)
• The times when I didn’t slow down to connect with my kids (and myself)
3. What you have learned in 2012 that you want to remember in 2013 and beyond?
• Home is wherever my husband and kids are! Things are nice, but they aren’t what matter.
• I can accomplish whatever I dream with persistence, time and energy.
• How much fun it is to have new adventures daily – to do new things and meet new people.
4. What do you want to create, accomplish, be and claim to in 2013?
• Grow my business with even more groups, speaking engagements and workshops, and sharing all the juicy nuggets of my book Vivid Living for Busy Moms with anyone and everyone who is interested
• Living Love Smiles (my future self)
• Invite in gratitude daily
• Yell less and play more with my kids
5. Give this upcoming year a name. The year of Love Smiles!

Don’t let this year go by unconsciously. Living a vivid and extraordinary life you love doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by being conscious and intentional.

So, sit by a fire, go to a coffee shop, the beach, a forest, your backyard, a park or just your cozy living room or bedroom and say, “Goodbye, 2012! Hello, 2013!” Or, take these thought-provoking questions to your New Year’s Eve gathering. Sharing your insights, dreams and commitments with others is a powerful way to make them a reality.

What are your dreams, intentions and commitments for 2013?  Please post below.

Here’s to living a vivid and extraordinary 2013 and beyond!

Much, Much Love and a Happy New Year!!

Julie Zeff is a Life Coach for busy and working moms; author of Vivid Living for Busy Moms: Coach Yourself to an Extraordinary Life; and a trained Forest Yoga instructor. Request her FREE report – Top 10 Tips to Vivid Living or receive her FREE Monthly Coaching Tidbitsand 5 Anytime, Anywhere Breathing Tips by visiting:http://www.vividliving.net. Download a FREE peek of her book, Vivid Living For Busy Moms here: http://vividliving.net/julies-book


About Julie Zeff

Julie is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, author, and speaker who believes that absolutely everyone can live a vivid and extraordinary life. Her goal is to spread this belief and the tools to actually live it around the globe. Julie has worked for over 14 years in the personal growth and mental health fields. She brings the body (and often specifically yoga) into the coaching work that she does and brings life coaching into the yoga that she teaches. Julie teaches her clients to access the wisdom of their body and mind to help them transform their lives. Her professional mind-body journey began in 1998 when she worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Massage Therapist. She persistently tried to find a way to combine the two. But, it wasn’t until 2002 when she found Life Coaching (CTI, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach – CPCC) and Forrest Yoga (yoga teacher training) that there was a natural and passionate union that transformed her life and career forever. As a busy working mom with three children herself, she understands the challenges of trying to find that sweet spot in a busy world of work and family. She uses her own coaching tools each and every day to help her live a vivid and extraordinary life she loves! Whether through life coaching over the phone, or in a yoga class on a mat, Julie helps her clients tap into the innate truth and wisdom of their body and mind. They learn to make decisions with clarity and confidence. She guides them to courageously shed limiting patterns and beliefs. She helps her clients envision, design, and live their own unique, vivid, and extraordinary life. Julie was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago and now lives with her husband and three children in Atlanta, Georgia.

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