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Get a Better Night’s Sleep with These Tips to Pamper Yourself Before Bed

By Uma Campbell:

Moms often lead extremely busy lives. Being a primary caregiver for children is a full-time job in and of itself. Motherhood is often overwhelming, so forgetting about self-care becomes easy. Not only will taking some time for yourself spark joy, but it also will help you be a better provider to those you love. After a hectic day, setting aside even a little time to focus on yourself can be atruly re-energizing experience. Here are some easy tips to help you relax and rejuvenate before bed. 

Take a Relaxing Bath

A warm bath with coconut, lavender or almond oil, even oatmeal, can help hydrate and heal the skin. Adding organic botanical oils or Epsom salts while staying away from chemical-based products full of overpowering dyes and fake fragrances is a great, natural way to encourage relaxation. Additionally, the sleep hormone melatonin is produced when the body temperature naturally drops at night. By raising your temperature while in the tub and then exiting, you will increase the drop in temperature and encourage elevated production of melatonin, easing you right to sleep.  

Meditate with Candles

To maximize a calm evening experience, combining a few of these methods is ideal: Turn off the bright, artificial lights and light some candles instead. Practice meditation briefly or try deep breathing. We often go through the entire day breathing shallowly, so even a few minutes of controlled deep breathing can help calm the mind and body, and instill a peaceful feeling. 

Moisturize and Exfoliate

Exfoliating with a natural scrub or homemade sugar scrub can help wash away build-up from the busy day out and about. Afterward, moisturizing yourself from head to toe with a high-quality cream is a simple task. On the market are lotions with added calming properties like rose hip or chamomile specifically designed for nighttime wear. Caring for your skin and body is the perfect pampering routine before bed. Not only is it a pleasant, sensory experience, but also your brain is wired to connect scents to memory. Getting into a routine with your favorite lotion can actually signal your body that it is time to sleep. 

Experiment with Aromatherapy 

Smell is one of your most powerful senses. Getting even a whiff of a certain scent can automatically trigger certain memories. It is easier than you might think to train the mind by using aromatherapy to help increase relaxation and coax your mind and body into a more relaxed mode before bed. Add aromatherapy to your nightly routine by lighting incense or scented candles, adding essential oils to your bath, or trying a scented pillow mist. 

Do Light Exercise or Yoga

If you have gym equipment at home or even if you don’t, light exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle and relieves stress. Best of all, you need very little equipment and don’t even need to leave your house. Yoga is an amazing way to reduce stress and blood pressure levels, release tension held in your body, and calm your mind before you crawl into bed. Don’t worry if you are a beginner: to combat that evening restlessness, there are many different types of poses for all levels and body types.

Try Using an App

High levels of stress, insomnia and anxiety can make getting quality sleep difficult for many people. You might be surprised how helpful some guided instruction can be in helping you regulate your sleep patterns. Or maybe you simply need some peaceful ocean waves or chirping birds to help you drift off. Thankfully, there are a lot of sleep tracking, controlled breathing, and white noise apps available (both free and for a fee) to help you get a restful night’s sleep. 

Whether busy at work or running a home, moms often put themselves at the bottom of the list. This can negatively affect those around them as well. Make an effort to take some leisure time for yourself and recuperate before bed with some of these tips. This way you can get a good night’s sleep, and wake up refreshed and ready to give the next day your best. 

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