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From Friends to Successful Moms and Entrepreneurs

By Fredrica Syren:

Kacey and Nathalie have been friends since high school. Together, they spent a summer driving across Europe, went on a Shamanic pilgrimage in Peru, and explored Thailand. They also shared a love for crafting and making big messes in the kitchen.

But later the two friends ended up living farther apart, with Kacey in San Diego and Nathalie in Northern California. While both friends started families and had less time to see each other, they both went through similar journeys with personal transformations, and continued sharing in their love of esoteric and spiritual practices to access the soul and connect with the Great Mystery.

With a love for herbs and natural medicines, Nathalie became an acupuncturist. She had for a long time suffered from allergies, and found healing transformation with regard to this. The two friends shared their passion for natural healing, and decided to join in another great adventure by starting a business together.

And Artemis Therapeutics was born. Kacey and Nathalie developed a natural medicine for empowering allergy reliefthat soothes the body and cleanses the mind. Using decades of clinical experience, they partnered with USA farmers to deliver simple, natural solutions for everyday problems, stresses and ailments. The belief is that, with the right tools, the body can naturally heal and reorganize itself.

There are 3 things to know about allergies:

  1. that there are very simple, powerful, natural medicines that clean up the body, and that help the immune system and reduce symptoms;
  2. that allergies can actually go away; and
  3. that doing cleanup rather than smashing down symptoms may actually prevent other diseases later in life.

Nathalie and Kacey feel strongly that, as part of the evolution of modern medicine, holistic practitioners need to speak up and show the simplicity (and complex mystery) of the body’s wisdom and natural healing process … to help people not be afraid of their own bodies and what goes on with them.

After a few years, the allergy medicine gained solid ground. The friends wanted to offer more, something not just functional and necessary, but something that they just love, that is scrumptious, exciting and exquisite to the senses …. namely, Valerian Rose and Cinnamon Protector Oils.

Nathalie has been making and using plant medicine oils in her healing practice for years, and 3 years ago, Kacey and Natalie wanted to bring it forward at Artemis.

At first they were not completely sure of this product. “We thought, ‘Who would buy this?  It’s so esoteric. It doesn’t really have a name … nobody knows what this is — oil plant extracts … people don’t want to take time to massage smelly oil into their heart chakra or feet before bed; people don’t anoint their children anymore or have time to massage their backs before bed; people don’t have time to relax with a partner and offer 5 minutes of neck massage after work; people want quick and easy solutions for their stress, not to be told to sit around for 5 minutes with funny oil,’”  Nathalie says.

But the oils kept “sticking around.” “We love them so much … we used them on ourselves, our families, my patients. We love making them; they came with us in the first aid kit all over Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and SAVED us; and [they] became daily use for the family car of 9 with stroller! The massage therapists at the beautiful spas in Tulum wanted the oils for themselves and their clients, and we ran out.”

Check out this video of Nathalie talking about their products and how they work:

The oils work together or on their own: Cinnamon Protector to uplift, clear, energize, circulate, release stress and tension in the neck and shoulders or tired achy feet and legs; and Valerian Rose to ground, heal and nourish the nervous system and heart.

Both are to protect the heart, but one goes up and out, the other goes down and in.  They are a yin and yang friendship, and can be layered or mixed, just like Kacey and Nathalie☺

Kacey and Nathalie are now offering 20% off on their products for Green-mom.com followers until December 31st 2018 by using the code Green-Mom on artemistherapeutics.com

About Green Mom

Fredrica Syren, the author and founder of Green-Mom.com, was born in Sweden. Her mother was a classically trained chef who introduced her to many eclectic flavors and skills at a young age. Her mom’s passion for the outdoors and gardening planted the seed for her own love of nature and healthy eating. She received a degree in journalism and has worked as a print, Internet and broadcasting journalist for many years with big businesses within Europe and the United States. After her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she with pre-cancer, Fredrica changed her career to become a full time yoga teacher and activist. A longtime world traveler, foodie and career woman, she was exposed to many facets of life, but nothing inspired her more than becoming a mom. After her first-born, Fredrica began a food blog focusing on local, seasonal, organic & vegetarian dishes. Years of food blogging developed into the cookbook Yummy in My Tummy, Healthy Cooking for the Whole Family. Upon the arrival of her second child, Fredrica founded Green-Mom.com. Her vision was to establish a site providing insight about gardening, home and personal care, baby & child, and of course food & nutrition. Green-Mom.com hosts many talented writers shedding light on ways to incorporate eco-friendly and nutritious practices for busy families. She is an advocate for organic, local and sustainable businesses. Fredrica hopes to inspire social change through her lifestyle, passion and business. Fredrica lives with her husband James Harker-Syren and their three children in San Diego, CA.

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