Energy Saving Holiday Gift Ideas

By Kacey Bradley:
The holidays are here, which means that you probably have a million different things happening at once. There’s food to buy and meals to prep, a house to clean, family to invite to dinner and — what may be the most important part of the season — gifts to buy. This year, don’t buy your loved ones things they’ll use once then throw away. Instead, give gifts that will help them while helping the earth by looking up the best energy saving gift ideas for this holiday season.

  1. Smart Switch

Something that everyone can agree on is that there never seems to be enough outlets in any house. There’s always going to be another extension cord that you need, and that’s a lot of electricity being used because you may forget to unplug appliances at night. Give your friends a highly rated smart switch so they don’t have to worry about remembering to unplug their Christmas lights and turn off their lamps at night.

  1. Hydrogen-Charging Battery

No matter what kind of phone you have, you’ve probably struggled to maintain its battery life at some point. Everyone has that same issue, which is why people created portable batteries with ports to charge phones. Recharging that battery can take a lot of energy, though, so give your loved ones batteries that recharge for free. If they can charge their phones with a hydrogen reactor, they’ll conserve energy and save money on their bills.

  1. Thick Blankets

You never can go wrong when you give your friends a blanket. They’re practical and can come in any design, so they’ll always fit your loved one’s personality. By keeping themselves wrapped in warm blankets, your friends can turn their thermostats down and save some fossil fuels. The usage of fossil fuels in the U.S. decreased in 2014 by 4.3 BTUs, but is still generally on the rise. Conserving energy is a big way to help save the earth.

  1. LED Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are the kind of product that everyone needs but always forgets to put on their shopping list. Because they are easily taken for granted, when a light bulb goes out, it’s easy for people to get flustered and grab the first bulbs they see at the store. Since the cheapest bulbs usually are not focused on conserving energy, give LED bulbs as gifts. They are energy efficient and last a long time, so your money won’t be wasted on lights that blow out quickly.

  1. Blackout Curtains

For your young friends who may not have the money for good curtains or any at all, it can’t hurt to give them cute, thick panels. Blackout curtains are twice as thick as regular curtains, which means that they block out sunlight better and help keep the house cool. This means that the air conditioning and heating run less, so something as simple as hanging curtains can cut back on energy costs.

  1. Portable Solar Panel

This is a great idea for anyone you know who backpacks a lot or goes to a school where they walk around outside. The portable solar panel attaches to the back of a backpack and charges up, so you can restore the battery life of your phone. It’ll charge your phone in just under two hours, which is the same amount of time as a wall outlet. It’s the kind of external phone battery that dreams are made of.
When you finally get around to going holiday shopping, don’t feel overwhelmed with all your choices and grab the first products you find on a shelf. You don’t have to know a person inside and out to get them a gift that they’ll love. If you know anyone who’s ever expressed concern about saving energy or helping the earth, give them some energy saving gifts.
Products that help the earth are catching on in popularity, so they’re a great idea to give to friends and family. They’ll help in the present and keep the future looking bright, and all it takes is a little bit of research to find out what kind of energy saving gifts are out there. Now get wrapping!

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