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Downsizing Our Refrigerators

By James Harker-Syren

One of the less green things we’ve maintained in our house is a second refrigerator in the garage. Why the heck do you have a second fridge in the garage?  Well, it’s been useful. Of course, we cook A LOT, so we usually have a lot food in the refrigerator. A second one allowed us to keep the kitchen fridge manageable. We had a second one for overflow after a big shopping day, and it was definitely useful during holidays. We also kept things we didn’t need so often but wanted around: a couple bottles of wine, batteries, jars of olives, capers and of course … a huge container of Swedish Lingon berries. -)

On the other hand, what a waste. We were running a second full refrigerator 24/7.  This is one of the few things left from our beach apartment in Encinitas prior  to buying our home. An 8-year-old refrigerator. I don’t even want to look into how energy inefficient the thing has been … it will be just too embarrassing.

Finally … finally … we decided to invest part of our “low impact Sunday” to turning it off for good. We cleared everything out. Really, when we took everything out and went through it item by item, only about 30% of it needed to kept in the kitchen refrigerator. The rest of the stuff really either needed to be thrown away or just didn’t have to be kept in the fridge. At the back of it we found one jar that had sat untouched since before we moved into our house 5 years ago … HELLO!!!

I heard that our local energy company (San Diego Gas & Electric) had an appliance-recycling program. In fact, they pay you to stop using old appliances!  And they pick them up and recycle them for free. It was easy to sign up on the website (sdge.com/recycle). They will come to our place and pick up the old fridge this week. I’ll let you know on Facebook how it goes.


About Green Dad

James is a Green Dad. He has been married to Green Mom (aka Fredrica) for 17 years and is a father of 3. His primary career has been in software. He has started two software companies, worked in San Francisco, London, San Diego and now Stockholm. He is the Chief Product Officer for eBay Sweden. James’s interests outside of work round out his character. He is an Eagle Scout and loves nature and the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. While living in London, Fredrica and James started practicing yoga with more focus and intensity, and he became a certified yoga teacher. James hopes to inspire other dads to bring more consciousness to their family life … in the time they spend with their kids, in the impact they make on the planet and in the mindset they have about how we all live our lives.

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