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DIY Projects All Dog Lovers Will Love         

By Kacey Mya:

Once you introduce a furry friend into your life, you quickly grow to love it. You’d do anything for your dog, from daily walks to staying up with it when it’s sick. You want to incorporate your love for your dog into everything you do. It’s no different when it comes to crafting.

What kind of handmade items best express your passion for pups? For dog lovers, there are many eco-friendly DIY products you can create to show that your pet holds your heart. Check out these seven dog-related projects perfect for you.

1. Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer

If your furry friend is a messy eater and you’d like to cover up its bowls, you can upcycle a used dresserinto a food and water bowl holder. The bottom drawer will act as a hidden compartment, and when company comes over, you can nudge it closed. The top also holds kibble, so you can throw in a scoop for easy access during feeding times.

2. Canine Silhouette Wall Art

Your treasured dog deserves a place on your wall, but before you set up another framed photograph, consider getting artsy. Paint a silhouette of your petfor a simple but aesthetically pleasing decoration. Depending on your preference, you can use canvas or fabric as the backdrop.

3. Recycled T-Shirt Toys

If you’d like to skip the sewing machine, you can try making recycled T-shirt dog toys. Cut an old shirt or a thrifted one into strips to braid together. You can make these as colorful as you’d like by picking the right hues, or mixing and matching them.

4. Darling Small Dog Outfit

Do you have your kids’ old onesies sitting in storage? Well, pull one of them out to craft a dog shirt. Your puppy or small dog can scamper around in style with its new outfit. This low-cost creative project takes little effort and can give your dog a little extra warmth.

5. Repurposed Sock Pup

If you have thick socks that you no longer wear, why not turn them into a makeshift stuffed dog? Red-heeled socks can make your project similar to the iconic sock monkey, so find the right pair of socks for your desired look. You may want to keep this on your nightstand as a cute bauble, or you can give it to your pet to chew on.

6. Dog Toy Storage Box

With an old wine box and a pet-safe wood stain, you can handcraft an attractive containerfor your pooch’s many chew toys. Rather than have toys sprawled across the living room, you can have an orderly spot to collect all those ropes and squeaky playthings. A durable box to hold up to wear and tear is exactly the kind of project you can pamper your dog with. It can even double as a bed for small pets if you add a comfy pillow or cushion.

7. Homemade Natural Dog Shampoo

To give your pup extra care, you can whip up a homemade dog shampoo bar recipeso they’re spotless and satisfied after a bath. Due to the acidic nature of canine fur and skin, your furry friend won’t respond well to human shampoo, and some store-bought shampoos can be harsh on them, too. With these simple ingredients, you can create a healthy alternative to keep your dog’s coat shiny, soft and nurtured.

Start Your Pet-Friendly Project Today

Any size project that can benefit your dog is worthwhile. You can channel your inner DIY spirit to create a dog-inspired treasure with these ideas. Treat yourself or your pup to a fun handcrafted toy, decoration or hygienic product that’s as unique as your pet.


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