Crafted, Curated and Eco-Friendly Gifts to Treasure

The perfect gift to give is one that can be appreciated as a long-term keepsake and has rich personal meaning. Gift giving isn’t easy, especially in our world of mass production, where many gifts no longer have a unique value to them. Why give the stereotypical gift from a department store when you can find a treasured piece of art, repurpose something old, or create something totally new? Creating zero-waste keepsakes or finding eco-friendly natural gifts might require a little bit of a DIY attitude, but is equally achievable and worth it.

Reclaimed Wood: From Dull Slab to Keepsake

Wood is an easily accessible material, one that holds so much potential for creating a lasting keepsake. You can find curated and personal carvings for a loved one, or you can create something of your own. Repurpose wood from an unused nightstand and create a DIY wine rack for the hostess friend you struggle to find the perfect gift for. Get the kids involved and modge podge pictures onto a slab of wood for the perfect family keepsake for a loved one. Versatility and sturdiness make wood a perfect material for creating new keepsakes from old materials around your house.

Naturally Curated Beauty Gifts 

Have a friend who likes to pamper herself? Have a mom who loves scrubs and facials? Instead of going to your local beauty counter for these gifts, why not make them yourself. Creating an eco-friendly scrub is easy and can be done with ingredients already in your pantry. Mix some brown sugar, honey and coconut oil to create a gentle exfoliant perfect for any skin type. You can also create eco-friendly bath bombs by using some basic ingredients like baking soda, cornstarch and epsom salts. Mix in some essential oils for fragrance, and you’ve created a keepsake and treasured gift.

You can also create signature “scents” for the ones you love by making personalized fragrances. Using a unique blend of essential oils, you are creating a nontoxic alternative to store-bought perfumes full of chemicals. Store in a repurposed spray bottle and, with a little bit of zero-waste gift wrapping, you’ve got yourself the perfect present to give.

Gift Ideas for the Busy Mom

Don’t have to time to make the gift but want something still crafted by hand? Websites like Society6 and Etsy have several eco-friendly merchants that offer keepsake-style gifts anyone would be grateful to receive. From homemade candles to hand-knit blankets, a multitude of Earth-friendly gifts are at your fingertips, ready to be delivered to the person you have in mind.

The perfect gift isn’t about monetary value; it’s about personal value. Giving a hand-crafted gift not only has great meaning, but also offers an eco-friendly approach to gift giving.

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