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Connect with Your Female Power in a Women’s Circle

By Chef Centehua:

Women and men have gathered to collaborate on projects, to share and learn skills, to strengthen bonds, etc. We have done this for as far back as we can remember. We would gather around the fire to tell stories and dance under the full moon. Women in many cultures have moon lodges, a place where women can go to rest during their cycle. Today, manholding handsy women are raising red tents and calling the sisterhood to join in this ancient practice. I feel the red tent is important for our culture, as we have lost touch with our rituals. We need coming-of-age ceremonies, and the honoring of nature’s cycles and events.

We don’t spend nearly enough time star and moon gazing. We also don’t sit around fires and sip wild herb brew. The lights we now gaze come from electronic screens, and we gather at cafes, bars, shopping centers. However, we are still a tribe and crave that intimate connection with our peers.

Sitting at cafes while chatting with girlfriends is very nice, but I felt a desire for more — a gathering where we could meet each other on a deeper level, and open up to our vulnerabilities and our strengths. I truly desired connection to the women in my community. I wanted to be around women so we could learn from one another, and could strengthen our love and sisterhood.

With all that in mind, I decided to start my own women’s circle. Wanting to make these evenings intentional, I designed them to be centered around health and heart expansion. I prepare the space and burn some sage before welcoming my sisters into a room lit with candles and salt lamps. The environment is warm and inviting. With our eyes closed, we sit in a circle and tune in. We set our intention and our prayer, and we listen attentively. Then I play beautiful music and we do a gentle yoga flow, oftentimes leading to creative movement — a yoga dance, if you will. We finish with a relaxing shivasana and meditation. This practice helps us tune in to our own bodies, making it easier to connect on a heart level to everyone in the room. Moving energy together creates a state of well being and increases our connection. With a quiet ego and an open heart, it’s easier to bond and feel at home.

After our yoga practice, we gather to enjoy a homemade healing elixir. This is a delicious nurturing part of the evening. The elixir, a tea, is made of wild harvested herbs like calendula, nettle and/or passionflower that I blend with raw honey, hemp milk, chia seeds, adaptogenic herbs and spices. As we sit and sip our elixirs, we relate our experiences, ideas and concepts because we have so much to offer each other. We might all vary in age and may have walked different paths in different lands, but we all know what it’s like to be a woman.

hands_making_love_heart_with_shining_lightWe are here because we need one another. The women in our group come from different backgrounds and we all have our scars. Some attend because they have been hurt by women. It’s not easy to trust when you’ve been hurt. They desire to heal and to trust women again, not to compete. And if you are intimidated by women or just don’t trust them, you’re not alone. The purpose is to support and love one another within the circle.

That’s why these gatherings are so powerful and assist in our growth. We realize we are vulnerable, so we remain open to giving and receiving. It is beautiful to see the mirror in every woman who comes through my door. I see myself and I know they see an aspect of themselves in me. It is truly a divine connection, one that I had been longing for, for a long time.

During last week’s women’s circle, we focused on our bellies and how important they are. We felt our emotional body around the navel, the center for personal power according to yogic traditions. It’s the place where we can draw much of our wisdom and passion. You know that feeling we get in our bellies when something is off? Well, I encourage you to trust it. I also listen to that feeling of excitement and elation. All in the belly, I feel, I move, I desire, I create.  We placed our hands on our bellies and took several deep breaths with our eyes closed. We thanked our bellies as well as the rest of our bodies and promised to never say anything bad about them. It’s time to stop the critique and to unleash the love. Time to quiet the inner judge, and to speak words of peace and positive affirmations. I feel it’s one of the best and fastest ways to evolve. Self-love. That the whole point of our meetings.

Tune in, connect and share the love. It’s all right there in our core. We carry the source for Infinite, boundless, unconditional love. It is our essence but sometimes we need reminders. That’s where the sisterhood and brotherhood come in very handy.

  •  Time to unite and create beautiful, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Infinite gratitude and appreciation for the divine sisterhood.
  • May we continue to gather everywhere to uplift and empower one another in love, wisdom and truth.


About Centehua

Centehua is a mother, wife, chef, blogger, forager, farmer, dancer earth momma. She is an urban homesteader, learning how to live better with less, discovering quality of life in sustainable practices. Her passion is in assisting the world in a possitive shift through the integrity of clean raw foods, superfoods and superhebs. She believes that a deeper connection to the earth and our sustenance is vital for a sense of self responsability and overall health. She is a lover of nature and music. Centehua is the founder of “Baktun foods” an online resource and catering company for organic living foods.

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  1. Have wanted to create an ongoing women’s circle myself. Had one women’s gathering that was really wonderful! Thank you for sharing about your model and what you do. It is inspirational. It sounds really healing and even magical for many in the group. Peace and Love!

  2. I think every women should be part of a women’s circle:)

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