Celebrity Lifestyle Inspired Parties with a Green Twist!

 By Arianna Pierce

Summer is the prime season for fabulous parties and cozy get-togethers. Warm weather, sunshine and trips to the beach seem to bring out the best in everyone! As we see from the covers of grocery store tabloids, celebrities jet to a warmer climate whenever they feel like it.

champagne-partyAs parents, by taking action to protect the environment around us, we can take comfort in knowing we have the ability to leave this world a little bit better than we found it. Combining my love of celebrity gossip (US Weekly is one of my guilty pleasures!) and some helpful environmentally conscious tips I have learned, I can offer a few ways to throw your own celebrity-inspired events with a green twist!

Celebrity Summer: Exotic Locale

Stars like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are known for jet-setting around the globe to various luxurious locations. From St. Tropez to Bora Bora, private beaches are attractive to the Hollywood elite trying to avoid wandering eyes. Tourist free locations allow for celebrities to unwind without worrying about a photographer’s catching their good side.

Reality Summer: Local Locale

Instead of a faraway location that would require an 8-hour road trip or the need to charter a private jet to get there, choose a local beach or lake with minimal travel time. Send out e-invites to save paper and encourage guests to carpool. Packing a picnic? While buying recycled plastic plates and cups is a step in the right direction, those items still will end up in a landfill somewhere eventually. Instead, opt for bringing reusable dishes to reduce waste. And hit up your local farmers’ market for your fruit bowls and salads to cut down on fuel for food transport from long distances!

Celebrity Summer: Teen Choice Awards

This summer, the young and the beautiful, decked out in fun and funky summer fashions, will grace the red carpet of this kid friendly award show. With categories such as “Best Drama TV Show” and “Male Hottie,” pop culture crazed teens will be planted in front of their televisions – hand drawn posters and all!

Reality Summer: At Home Viewing Party

Create a big night feel (for this or any awards show) by renting a projector. Instead of having everyone spread out watching several different televisions in the green-eco-friendly-partyhouse, save energy by condensing the party into one large room with a screen big enough for everyone! Cut down on energy use by turning off any extra lights, and use candles to create a relaxing setting. Buy snacks and refreshments in bulk to cut down on excess packaging, and provide a recycle bin for guests to discard empty bottles. If you don’t have enough dishes for a larger group, contact a party-supply company for plates, coolers, tables, etc. By renting and reusing, cutting down on waste should be a breeze!

Celebrity Summer: Sponsored Bridal Shower

A few lucky celebrities, like Vanessa (Minnillo) Lachey, have been able to attract companies to sponsor their special events. For Lachey’s bridal shower, the alcohol beverage brand, Hypnotiq, used the day as a way to promote their newest product, Hypnotiq Harmonie. The vibrant violet color of the liquor served as an inspiration for different aspects of the shower, from the favors to the centerpieces. What a great way to start married life!

bridal showerReality Summer: Garden Bridal Shower

A garden themed bridal shower is a classically beautiful way to celebrate the transition from a Miss to a Mrs.! For centerpieces, use organic cut flowers. These flowers can be given to party helpers and dried for use in other arrangements. Also, attach envelopes of tree, flower, and vegetable seeds to place cards for guests to take home.  Another unique favor would be a perfume bar set up so guests can customize an earthy scent to remind them of your special day!

Use these tips as an inspiration to enjoy your summer with your friends and family while taking care of your surroundings!

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