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Sunrise Powerlink

 By Kim Robson Sunrise Powerlink (SPL) is the lyrical name given to a new 120-mile-long electrical transmission route currently under construction in eastern San Diego County. Owned by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, the SPL is designed to bring renewable energy from the solar and wind …

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Mmmmmmm dessert

Another fun filled day in San Diego, just another day in paradise! We spend the day at the bay, swimming and playing in the water. We even saw what Bella claimed to be a pirate ship except she did not believe there were any pirates on board because she did …

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Sun-dried tomato hummus

The hot weather continues so me and Noah are kind of on house arrest middle of the day because Noah really does not like the heat. Oh how I wish I could go to beach and jump in the ocean right now. On the bright side, instead I’m getting a …

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Italian Meatballs in Tomato sauce

I’ve been craving Italian food lately and one thing my husband misses sometimes are italian meatballs. It’s hard to make vegan neatballs that stays together as you cook them but I was not about to give up. I made them with shiitake mushrooms, walnuts and just a little vital gluten …

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Homemade yogurt cheese with herbs

What a beautiful day it’s been today. Bella had special time with daddy today so it’s was just me a Noah at home in the morning. He is such good baby who loves entertaining me in the kitchen while I bake or cook with him talking to him self. Since …

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Cheese & pumpkin seed crackers

Friday’s are my favorite day because it means family breakfast, me dropping off Bella at school and I get to take an amazing yoga class from my friend Sue. She is such an inspiration because she is such beautiful person, inside and out. She’s is 70 + and an amazing …

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Tortilla pie

I can’t believe the amount of energy my 4 year old has these days. It’s non-stop from morning to evening. Anyone ever questioning if children can’t survive on a plant diet should spend a day at my house with two vegetarian kids, who both grow and develop really well and …

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Gnocchi in a mushroom sauce

Ahhhh I love the weekends because it’s special time with my family. Yesterdays dinner was gnocchi with an incredible creamy and rich mushroom sauce. I have to admit that this time I took a short cut and used store bought gluten free gnocchi but they were still good. 1 package …

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Finished kitchen and potato & broccoli soup

As of yesterday my kitchen is done!! Off course at the end we had a lot of drama putting in the sink and dishwasher machine but hubby took care of that and got it all done. I really love my new kitchen and will have so much fun cooking in …

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Ginger snaps in half a kitchen

Sorry for the lack of post lately but with no kitchen my cooking has been VERY simple. As of yesterday I now have half a kitchen meaning I have cabinets, fridge and stove but I’m missing counter tops, dish washer and a sink. For me I’m just happy to be …

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