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New “Climate Hubs” To Help Farmers Adapt to Extremes

By Fredrica Syren: The White House has promised to take executive actions to fight climate change. One example is the announced formation of a “climate hubs.” This initiative aims to help farmers and rural communities adapt to fires, droughts, floods, invasive pests and other effects of climate change, according to …

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Is that Faux Fur Really faux?

By Kim Robson: One of the first issues early animal rights activists championed was the callous slaughter of countless animals to make fur coats and other products. We all remember images of people’s coats sprayed or splashed with “blood” – red paint. As the popularity of genuine fur has declined …

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2013: The Year of Record Breaking Solar Business

By Fredrica Syren: According to a new report by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), where they analyzed U.S. solar market performance across 28 states and the District of Columbia, 2013 will go down as the record successful year for the U.S. solar industry. Solar is now …

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Bamboo — The Green Gold

By Fredrica Syren: We recently replaced plastic in our kitchen with bamboo. So now we have kids’ spoons and baby spoons, cutting boards, slotted spoons and spatulas all made from bamboo. Why, you might wonder? Because bamboo is a green alternative to plastic and woody raw materials. With increased knowledge …

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FDA Takes Steps To Remove Drugs from Pharmed Food

By Fredrica Syren: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally is taking steps towards stopping the use of antibiotics in animals used for meat. Antibiotics have been given to livestock since 1946 because studies showed that antibiotics make animals grow faster and put on weight more efficiently. It’s also used …

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Colorado Moms Advocate For Clean Air

 By Dawna Matthews: Colorado is a beautiful state. The Rocky Mountains are epic and the expansive range now glitters with snow; the plains, canyons, forests, and lakes all contain visual delights at every corner. Coloradans are nature aficionados and enjoy the outdoors year-round. Because people who live here love the …

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4 Walls International—Building Homes From Trash

By Kim Robson: 4 Walls International, a nonprofit founded in 2009 and run by Steven Wright and Waylon Matson, is dedicated to promoting sustainable community development around the globe. Their goal is to provide access to food, clean drinking water and safe shelter while addressing inadequate infrastructure, pollution, and other …

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Farmed Fish and What You Should Know

By Fredrica Syren: As a kid, I used to go fishing with my grandpa, and my mom would cook the fish we caught. It tasted so amazing. Today, most people get their fish from the fish counter at a local grocery store, and they have to choose between wild or …

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Recycling Your Pumpkins

By Kim Robson: They’re everywhere this time of year — pumpkins! Hundreds of them — in parking lots, pumpkin patches, in huge cardboard bins outside every grocery store, outside and inside every home and business. Some end up getting smashed in the street by late-night hooligans, but nearly all of …

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