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Am I Ready to Adopt?

By Tasha Ardalan Sharing your life with a four-legged friend can be one of the world’s greatest joys. Dogs, cats, and other pets give us unconditional loyalty, love, and acceptance. Pets provide constant companionship and even help relieve stress after a hard day’s work. However, adopting a pet is a …

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How to Ease the Stress of Moving

by Tasha Ardalan: Moving to a new home is not only stressful for you, but it is stressful for your furry friends, too.  Cats and dogs can get very attached to their surroundings, and having to move away from familiar territory can be very upsetting to them.  Their comfort zone …

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Raw Diet for Dogs–A Brief Introduction

by Tasha Ardalan: Succinctly put, the raw diet as it pertains to dogs and cats is an anthropological approach to feeding our domesticated four-legged friends.  The main objective of the raw diet is to provide nutritional well-being with foods that would have been consumed by dogs and cats prior to …

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What’s My Dog Saying?

By Tasha Ardalan: Dogs use different tones and timbre in sounds to communicate with each other and their human companions.  If you learn to pay attention to these subtle differences, you will gain a better understanding of what your dog is trying to say.  People often misread their dog’s intentions, …

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Urban Chickens

By Kim Robson Have you ever toyed with the idea of raising a few chickens on a bit of land?  If you have some yard space and want healthy, farm-fresh eggs to eat, it’s well worth considering.  Many communities’ zoning laws now allow a small number of chickens.  San Diego’s …

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Natural Food and Care for Dogs and Cats

By Asha Kreiling: Going green means making eco-friendly, sustainable decisions for ourselves and our families — pets included.  I adopted my feline soulmate (as I call her) a few years ago, and I have learned that she is not picky.  She will eat any brand and flavor of food, and …

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Fighting the Pest Without the Toxic Mess

By Kim Robson Controlling pests without the use of dangerous chemical pesticides can be a challenge for green-living families. Those who are chemically sensitive, immune compromised, have asthma, or are just concerned about the use of chemicals around their children and pets owe it to themselves to research alternatives. There …

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Green Cleaning–Clearing the Air of Toxic Household Cleaners

By Kim Robson Do your household cleaners require opening windows and wearing gloves to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals? If so, common sense should tell you that’s not good for anyone in your home. In fact, these toxins have an even greater effect on our children and pets. As you …

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Earthlings- an Important Documentary

Here is a trailer of the award winning documentary Earthlings about human abuse on animals narrated by well known animal activist Joaquin Phoenix. It’s a very disturbing movie, but something that has to be seen to understand. It’s not ok to abuse animals as much as it’s not ok to …

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