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Personal Care

Toxins found in non-toxic advertised nail polishes

We might think that we’re picking a safe alternative when choosing non-toxic nail polish but think again. A report released by the Department of Toxic Substances Control states that there are cases with non-toxic nail products that were mislabeled and actually were toxic. This might have harmed thousands of women …

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Secondhand Fashion Gets a Second Look!

By Amanda Wilkes: I’m the girl who doesn’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it, which stands true for my wardrobe. However, being 24 and having a fairly demanding social agenda, I find not re-wearing my clothes — or more specifically, the nicer outfits I buy for events like weddings …

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America’s Worst Air Polluted Cities

By Fredrica Syren With two people suffering with bronchitis in my family this week, I got to thinking about air quality where I live. So I went to do some research and was appalled by what I found. Did you know that almost half of all Americans are breathing heavily …

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Making the Most of Small Spaces

By Kim Robson: If, like me, you live in a small apartment or cottage, you know the challenge of shoe-horning all your possessions into it without looking like the neighborhood hoarder.  Paying a considerable chunk of money each month for an off-site storage shed isn’t always an option, either.  There …

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Be a Leader for NO LEAD!

By: Amanda Wilkes As I  look at that perfect shade of lipstick and feel it smooth along my lips, I only wish that it was poisoning me.  We have removed lead from our paints, our homes and our gasoline, how on earth is it still allowed in our lipstick? It’s …

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Product Review: Argan Oil

By Fredrica Syren: On Thursday we were at a leadership conference in San Diego, where I had a table featuring the Green-mom.com web site and cookbook.  I was intrigued when our neighbor, who also was there as a vendor, told me about his product Argan oil, which he was selling. …

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Let nature be your gym!

By Kim Robson Staying in shape is one of our best insurance policies against illness.  Yet many, due to the recession, have had to give up gym memberships to save money.  Others, like me, just hate the idea of a gym:  all those machines remind me of hamster wheels;  the …

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The Top Five Green Issues in the 2012 Election

By Fredrica Syren: It’s that time again when the media bombard us with election news.  Of course this time the main topic is the economy, so we get to know very little else about what the candidates stand for, particular regarding “green” issues.  By November, 2012, eco-minded Americans searching for …

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Let your natural beauty show–natural make-up

By Amanda Wilkes: Eighty percent of women wear makeup, but how many of us really know what we are wearing? It is shocking that we pay such little attention to the products we put on our faces yet focus so much time on preparing healthy meals, reading nutrition labels, buying …

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Fresh and Clean! Eco-friendly Products for Your Daily Routine

By Asha Kreiling: How many body and skincare products do you use in a day?  We have shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, shaving cream, body lotion, face moisturizer, toothpaste, deodorant, makeup –the list goes on!  The point is this:  we slather on a lot of creams and soaps every …

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