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The Gulf of Mexico, Two Years Later

By Asha Kreiling It’s hard to forget the disastrous explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that occurred on April 20th, 2010. The event seemed to occupy news broadcasts and web pages with tragic images of oil spewing nonstop for three months, spreading across thousands of miles of ocean and …

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Benefits Of Good Posture

By Kim Robson When I was a kid, my mom constantly told me to stop slouching. As the tallest girl, and the second-tallest in my class, I tried my best to not stand out. Of course, I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Eventually I found figure skating and …

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Dying from Hair Dye?

By Amanda Wilkes Death may not be the first symptom to come knocking at your door, but after years and years of toxic exposure, the many health issues associated with hair dye are not surprising! If you are anything like me, you get highlights every six months or so; but …

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No Impact Man Documentary

By Fredrica Syren No Impact Man is an American documentary about New Yorker Colin Beaver who, along with his wife and their daughter, took a pledge for one year to have suitable zero impact on the environment. For them, that meant taking the stairs instead of elevators, walking or biking instead …

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Hooping for Health and Fun

By Wendy Fleet Remember back in the day, when you would spin and twirl in circles without a care until you were very dizzy, and then do it again? I remember doing that a lot as a kid, and then I remember at age 12 getting my first hula hoop …

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See Pictures Of The10 Most Threatened Forests

In the aftermath of Earth Day 2012 I found this article on National Geographic’s web site with pictures of the 10 most threatened forests on earth. There is also a fun link to Earth Day stunts. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/04/pictures/120420-forests-threatened-environment-earth-day/#/most-threatened-forests-earth-day-amazon_51884_600x450.jpg  

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Green Investments

By Kim Robson Would you be interested in making your “green” more green? In other words, does your investment portfolio reflect your values about the environment? Many people would be shocked to learn that their mutual funds include stocks in oil, nuclear, and coal companies. How can an individual find companies …

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Earth day 2012–How are we going to celebrate!

Earth Day 2012 is coming up on this upcoming Sunday. Of course all of us at Green Mom celebrate it in our own ways. Read about what we all be doing on Earth Day! Fredrica Syren–Founder, cookbook author and mom Having one day a year to celebrate Earth is great. …

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Support Oceana and Help Save Our Oceans

By Fredrica Syren: Since my post on San Francisco Bay and then watching the documentary The Cove last week, I’ve become more involved in our oceans and the wildlife living there. All these creatures are in danger because of how polluted our oceans are. I found Oceana, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving …

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Love Is Sustainability

By Chef Centehua: I feel that life is busy and loud. Time is flying, so I feel it’s necessary to sit quietly and slow the motion down in order to connect to my heart and breath. Here is where I find the answer: it is so simple, so timeless, so true …

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