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Increasing Allergies in the U.S.

By Asha Kreiling Nowadays, it seems that almost everyone is allergic to something or at least gets a little sniffly during allergy season. Well, it’s true: more Americans than ever are suffering from allergies. Studies reveal that the prevalence of allergies, seasonal and all other types, has been increasing in …

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Rio Closes Its Massive Jardim Gramacho Dump

By Fredrica Syren After 34 years, Rio de Janeiro finally plans to close the world’s largest open air landfill, its own Jardim Gramacho dump. Environmentalists have long blamed Gramacho — a 5-mile high, 130-hectare site — for the high levels of pollution that now spoil Rio’s Guanabara Bay. Since opening in 1978, …

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Get Rid of E-waste the Green Way

By Fredrica Syren As technology is progressing quickly, e-waste is piling up in our offices and homes, or worse, in our landfills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 200 million pieces of computer-related e-waste are being generated annually. Yet, only 18 percent is being recycled, which leaves over 150 …

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Is Your Sofa Killing Your Family?

By James Harker-Syren Last week, if someone had asked me, “What about this picture is potentially killing your kids?” I would have looked at them like they were crazy.  This is my Facebook profile picture, for crying out loud. What are you talking about? Earlier this week while driving to …

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Noise Pollution

By Kim Robson Last week I discussed light pollution and ways to mitigate it. Since they often go hand-in-hand, I’d like to address noise pollution also. The EPA’s definition of noise pollution is “unwanted or disturbing sound.” Sound becomes unwanted or disturbing when it interferes with normal life. Not being able to sleep or to …

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Just Like Groupon…But For A Cause

JUST LIKE GROUPON … BUT FOR A CAUSE By Amanda Wilkes Do you love your daily Groupon deals? I know I  do. In fact, it is one of my favorite e-mails of the day. Discovering what special deal they have to offer, whether a trip to Mexico, an exfoliating facial, …

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Downsizing Our Refrigerators

By James Harker-Syren One of the less green things we’ve maintained in our house is a second refrigerator in the garage. Why the heck do you have a second fridge in the garage?  Well, it’s been useful. Of course, we cook A LOT, so we usually have a lot food in …

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Junk Mail, Be Gone!

By Asha Kreiling I love getting mail, but I am frequently disappointed when I open my mail box only to see it filled with junk! In fact, I get more junk mail than personal letters, and I’m sure this is true for most people. Not only is it annoying to …

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Dolphin Mass-death in Peru Still Unsolved

By Fredrica Syren In this family we’re very passionate about any marine wildlife, but dolphins are have a special place in our hearts. When we heard about the mass death of dolphins in Peru we have continued to follow the story. Unfortunately, it seems it’s still a mystery what killed these …

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Light Pollution

 By Kim Robson None of us tolerates environmental pollution anymore. We’ve worked so hard for clean air, clean water, and healthy ecosystems; yet, a terribly destructive polluter is at work in every industrialized part of the world, and hardly anyone notices. I am talking about light pollution. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) …

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