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So, how much vacation time do you get?

By Fredrica Syren I get that question a lot, which of course with two kids and two businesses, well … the answer is none Yes, I work 365 days of the year and, when we actually go somewhere on a vacation like now when we have been in Sweden for …

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Achieving Financial Independence

By Kim Robson What would you give to become financially independent? It might seem like a far-off dream, but there are many simple steps one can take to realize this very achievable goal. First, obtain a free copy of your credit report and take a hard, unbiased look at it. Are you …

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Inexpensive Vacations

 Kim Robson Think you can’t afford to take your family on a decent vacation? Think again! There are so many great ways to have a fun getaway without breaking the bank. Staycations: A vacation taken in your own home. Set up the backyard furniture and start grilling. Get out the …

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Iceberg Breaks Free from Greenland, Worries Scientists

By Fredrica Syren Now, I know that whatever is going on in Antarctica or Greenland might not be too interesting to us living here in a much better climate. But, believe me, whatever is going on there does have an impact on the rest of the world because over there …

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How to Green Your Office

To make your home more green is daily task but lets not forget the office where unfortunately many of us spend a lot of time and therefore also use a lot of resources that are not always very green. I found a web site called My Green Side with tips …

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Expect Higher Prices for Groceries Soon!

By James Harker-Syren Throughout the U. S. Midwest, we are having a drought unlike anything seen in over 50 years!  It’s so bad that 26 states have been declared natural disaster areas.  The reason for the increased droughts is the warming climate due to climate change. Given where this drought …

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Go Green Summer Travel!

We just came back from our vacation in Sweden and boy does it feel nice to be home again. Traveling is fun but I know it’s has it’s impact on the environment so it’s always on my mind. However, there are a few things you can do to make your …

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DIY Worm Bins and Vermicompost Fun

By Asha Kreiling Worm composting, also known as vermicomposting, is a great way to recycle organic waste at home into a nutrient rich soil amendment/fertilizer known as worm castings or “vermicompost.” This method of composting is ideal for families who primarily generate food scraps rather than yard waste; or, like …

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Recycling 101 in Sweden

By Fredrica Syren The other day I was out hiking and ran into a recycling center in the middle of the forest. This is what I love about Sweden — how easy it is to recycle and to find a place to dispose of trash. Compared to the U.S., for …

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A Green Day In Pictures

We had the luxury of spending a day in the countryside with our green friends Ulrika and Gustav. They are such an inspiration because they traded city living for a house in the countryside. They try to live as substantial and green as possible and we love spending time with …

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