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Eco-Fashion a Huge Hit at New York Fashion Week

By Fredrica Syren I guess we should not be surprised that, after organic food has become so popular, organic fashion would become … well, so fashionable. In recent years the organic movement and awareness have brought a presence of environmentally savvy fashion and demand for organic and resalable material, realized by both designers and …

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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

By Kim Robson My husband and I are big fresh air buffs. Weather permitting, we always have windows open in our home, especially at night. There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a stuffy, closed room. During winter, however, it’s harder to get fresh air inside: we don’t want to …

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Pump Up the Volume

By Julie Zeff I took my daughter to Universal Studios, specifically Harry Potter World, for her 8thbirthday. Just her and me! I was excited about our trip, and envisioned endless hours of talking, cuddling and reading together (she is an avid reader). Then we got on the road, a 7-hour drive …

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Get the Most Out of Your Gas Tank

By Kim Robson Let’s have a show of hands: How many of us actually believe the wildly fluctuating price of oil has anything to do with supply and demand? How many of us believe it has more to do with oil companies’ breaking their own profit records each and every …

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The Beauty of Freecycling

By Asha Kreiling I am preparing to move across the country in the next few months, so I’ve been slowly trying rid myself of some unnecessary belongings to make my move a little easier. Most of my stuff isn’t really valuable in the monetary sense, so there’s no point in …

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Great White Sharks May Be Next on California’s Endangered Species List

By Asha Kreiling ​The ocean’s most notorious and most feared creature is displaying some vulnerability of its own. Great white sharks are an incredibly fascinating but widely misunderstood species, as they are popularly known only as violent ocean predators and perpetuators of erratic attacks on human victims. Vital to balanced …

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Spring Blossoms: Seasonal Harmony

By Dawna Matthews Hints of spring are sprouting up here and there at my house. Just yesterday, I saw shoots of the tulip and daffodil bulbs I planted in November peeking through the dirt. At the start of the new year we planted seeds for the spring, resolutions and preparations …

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Window Shop Your Way to a Life You Love!

By Julie Zeff Not only can you window shop for style, but you also can window shop for your life. Window shopping in others’ lives is one great tool to help you figure out what a life you love looks and feels like! Most of us do it, anyway. You …

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The Glorious Ripple Effect

By Julie Zeff As spring comes into bloom, maybe you are thinking about the things you’d like to see bloom in your life. If you are like most of us, then there is probably an area or two in your life that you’d like to transform even just a tiny …

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The Necessity of Water Conservation, Now!

By Christopher Marciello Water: what would we do without it? Nothing! We wouldn’t exist without it, nor will our descendants if we don’t learn about where our water comes from and how our usage affects it. I realize that’s a fairly heavy introduction, but it’s the truth. Our numbers are …

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