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Personal Care

Blackfish Movie

 By Kim Robson We at Green-Mom have written before about the injustice and cruelty of keeping captive orcas at marine parks like Sea World. Orcas, also called killer whales, are the most famous and iconic symbol of Sea World’s dominance over the seas. These intelligent mammals reach weights in excess of 10,000 pounds and …

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What It Means To Be an Environmentalist

By Asha Kreiling I’m no John Muir, but I do recycle! Am I an environmentalist? I’d like to say so, but what does that even mean — to be an environmentalist? I think it means many different things to many different people. To some, it means doing simple things to …

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Heart Truth

By Julie Zeff We are moving…again! We are looking for a house to buy in our amazing Atlanta neighborhood. We just love it here! But which house? The one we are currently renting? Another house that’s on the market in the neighborhood? We have to decide soon! Our lease is …

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Food Waste Challenge For NYC Restaurants,

By Kim Robson New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced the first ever “Food Waste Challenge” in apress release issued April 25th. The city produces more than 20,000 tons of garbage daily, and wasted food amounts to a full third of that volume. Of that wasted food, restaurants are …

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Protecting Against Lyme Disease

By Kim Robson Anyone who lives or plays outdoors probably has encountered ticks. These blood sucking insects can be found all year in warm climates but are especially noticeable in July and August. Ticks are not just an annoying nuisance; they can also carry the bacterium Borrelia brugdorferi, which causes …

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Growing The Solar Grid

By Kim Robson We’ve discussed the importance of renewable energy many times here on Green Mom. Installing a solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) system in your home produces zero emissions and can run for decades. As a new generation of young, environmentally-minded Americans come of age, they are seeking ways to outfit …

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Save The Environment and Go Paperless

By Kim Robson I used to be very old-fashioned when it came to finances. I preferred walking into the bank branch rather than using the ATM. I would pay all my bills by mailing paper checks, and I would never, ever sign up for automatic payments for any service. As …

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