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Personal Care

Nontoxic Manicure Products–Perfect Toes Without The Chemicals

By Kim Robson: Before I moved to the mountains, I used to get my acrylic nails refreshed every three weeks. I loved the camaraderie with my long-time manicurist and regular customers, and I loved trying out different colors and sometimes indulging in some nail art. What I hated, though, was …

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Toxic Receipts?

By James Harker-Syren (a.k.a Green Dad): To be honest, I’ve never given receipts a second thought. I’d guess I’ve handled about 25,000 receipts as an adult (3/day). I’ve also handed them to my children to play with. When they were young, they often would put them into their mouths before …

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The Yoga Collective Review and Giveaway

By Emma Grace Fairchild: I recently began a home yoga practice, thanks to an online yoga website. Based in Venice Beach, California, The Yoga Collective is a studio that has created “your ‘om’ for online yoga” through their online yoga class library. They have hundreds of different classes ranging in …

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Edible Face Masks for Happy Skin

By Emma Grace Fairchild: One of the easiest ways to take a step back from our busy lives and pamper ourselves is by applying a simple yet luxurious face mask. It’s important to treat our skin with love and care by keeping highly processed oils, artificial fragrances and colors away, …

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No Shampoo Method

By Larraine Roulston: If my memory serves me correctly, while she was performing “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair” 8 times a week in the musical stage production of South Pacific, Mary Martin purportedly began to suffer hair loss. As a result, shampoo had to be replaced …

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Benefits of Dry Brushing

By Fredrica Syren: Of the different things I do to stay healthy, dry bushing must be one of my favorites. Dry brushing, also called exfoliating, is the practice of scrubbing down your dry skin with a scratchy brush. Sounds like torture, perhaps? I swear it’s much nicer than it sounds, …

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Using Essential Oils as Perfume to Feel and Smell Wonderful

By Dawna Matthews: The sense of smell often transports us to a place, a memory, or a feeling. Aromas have been used for ages to mask body odor, tantalize the senses, and anoint individuals during rituals. As our world has evolved, we still use our sense of smell for taste …

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Sustainable Textile — Wool

By Larraine Roulston: In the textile industry, wool is a natural alternative to harmful chemicals used on other fibers. Wool from sheep and goats is used as a base material in clothes and is an integral part of many household products. Wool breathes and draws moisture into the core of …

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Organic, Food-Grade Deodorant that Works!

By Andrea Patin: I am not a woman who “glows,” I sweat. I have tried many all natural deodorants over the years- crystals, liquids, clays. Each providing a glimmer of sweet smelling hope until midday strikes. Finally, I have found something that actually works! Unfortunately, mainstream deodorant (and even some “natural” brands) …

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Estonian Nohu Tea–The “Runny” Nose Tea

  By Emma Grace Fairchild: When traveling in Estonia with a friend, I wanted to spend some time exploring an Estonian grocery store. I found a great one — it was huge, with a ton of variety and many local Estonian companies’ wares. I stocked up on lots of interesting …

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