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New Years Dinner

This is a very long post because I finally decided on the menu for New Years eve and wanted to add all recipes. It’s been a long time since me and James been out to a party or restaurant for new years eve and I can’t say I miss it. …

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Compound Butter

This is my new favorite way to add flavor to my cooking. Compound butter is butter blended with herbs such as thyme, parsley and garlic. You add a dollop of butter to a dish to add some nice and fun flavors. I make up larger quantities and make a roll …

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Chickpea patties and mustard vegetables

My beautiful friend Molly is pregnant and due in three weeks. This her second baby so life will be pretty hectic when this little one will join the Stein family. I wish I could be here helping the family the same wonderful way our friends did by making dinners for …

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Potato au gratain with lentils

This got to be my families favorite dinner. Even my “I don’t like potatoes” child loved it and who happily announced “she ate a lot” when I arrived in the evening. I love potato gratin but feel I need some nutritional accessories like a lentil tomato sauce to be a …

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Artichoke pesto

I have an artichoke plant in my garden and in all the years it’s been there it has grown and grown but never grown any actual artichoke. I think It’s suffering from infertility. I’m thinking about pulling it out but I kind off still have hopes.  So instead I bought …

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When I was a kid (boy feels like 100 years ago now) we used to buy these small packages with nutella and eat them like candy. Nutella is a food that brings back so many memories. Unfortunately I can’t eat nutella anymore because of the “bad” stuff they put in …

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Lettuce wraps

I’m blessed with a child who looooooves tofu and what better and more nutritional food can you feed your child. It has complete protein and good amount of calcium. I didn’t write down the exact measurements for the marinate but it’s very simple to make it just taste it and …

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Mustard Dip

We had a lot of raw vegetables left over from the party so I tried to come up with something to eat with them and the result is a mustard and sunflower dip. I like using sunflowers because they are good and inexpensive. When you grind them they come out …

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Strawberry & Basil Lemonade

Nothings says summer more than a nice cold glass of lemonade.  Strawberries are in season and lemon are always in season in our garden so it’s the perfect time to make some lemonade. I used agave nectar for sweetener. Agave nectar in much better alternative for sugar since it does …

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Rhubarb Chutney

Rhubarb’s are in season now and they are very inexpensive. My family loves anything with a rhubarb so thought I might be good making chutney out of it. The result is great and it was so easy to make. It taste great with anything BBQ, in our case tofu, seitan …

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