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French green lentil salad

The plan today was to go out hiking in the morning with my friend Jess and Lola which is a dog we’re dog sitting for a few days. Through out the hike we got rained on so we arrived home very wet. When I’m thinking cold and rainy weather I …

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Warm yam and cheese salad

I have all these yams in my fridge and wanted to make a different kind of potato salad. This is the result, a side dish we ate with our BBQ dinner on Saturday. The combination of sweet, salty and sour is wonderful. 1 large yam, peeled and sliced2/3 cup hard …

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Balsamic marinated mushrooms for BBQ

Well the intent was to BBQ last night but when the food was cooked half way through, the BBQ ran out of gas so I had to finish cooking everything in the kitchen instead. It did not effect the taste however. I loved this marinade and Bella who sometime can …

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Orange cheese cake in a jar

I found a web site with recipes for cheese cakes in a jar and I thought it looked so much fun that I decided to give it a try and made a cheese cake with orange flavor mixed with chocolate. This cheese cake is not baked so it’s a very …

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Apple and pear drink from leftovers

As you all know by now, I’ve had a huge amount of pears and apples since our fruit picking adventure in Julian 10 days ago. Since then I’ve been cooking apple and pear sauce, dried apples and pears and cooked with apples. Peeling and coring all those fruits made me …

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Quinoa casserole

What a day, I’ve been in and out all day, been driving here and there and finally teaching a yoga class in La Jolla. I hate being away from the kids and when I finally made it home I just had a few sacred moments with them. Tomorrow is a …

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Cinnamon apple ice cream & salted carmel sauce

Looooong day and I don’t really know why but it felt like forever. I got almost no work done either so now I’m paying for it and have to work now after the kids are a sleep. I made ice cream for dessert and it’s so yummy. I made apple …

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Curried black bean patties

Early mornings are my favorite right now. When Bella has left for school and Noah is napping, I drink tea and work while sitting in the garden. This morning was quit cold so I had to wear a sweater, I guess fall is here. Black beans are one of my …

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Maple Bread

I forgot to post the recipe for the bread I baked on Sunday. It’s a maple bread and it super easy to bake and was very popular with the rest of the gang. We’re having a cool nice morning so I’m sitting outside in the garden and working while Noah …

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The Challenge of Cooking with No Power

I have not posted anything for a few days and many off you probably know it’s due to the blackout we had here in South California. On Thursday afternoon, which was one of the hottest days we had, off course the power goes out. Since we’ve been having rolling blackouts …

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