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Healthy mayo

Here you have a really tired mama who has been up the night with Noah who was miserable with high temperature. I’m so tired that  I actually went to sleep with my cloths on this morning and on the wrong side of the bed. Noah has been cranky all morning …

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Minty Beans

It’s been a very mellow day because Noah spiked a F102 temperature this morning, poor thing is burning up but still a happy little guy. He has no other symptoms so I think it’s his teeth bothering him. So yesterday it was Bella who was sick and today Noah, sigh. …

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Blueberry Oatmeal

In the spirit of oats I’m posting another thing about them. I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast and since Noah turned 7 month he has now joined me in the oatmeal breakfast club. Oatmeal is great for a little guy as mine is because it’s filling and nutritional. Oats …

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Homemade Oat Milk

Since both James and Bella are allergic to milk we drink plant milk. The two favorites are almond milk and oat milk. When I cook or bake I like oat the best and James likes oat milk in his coffee. I follow a Swedish blog about green living and the …

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Stevia sweetened sweet ice tea

Today at the famers market I found fresh stevia. I’ve seen it before but never thought of buying it. I love making sweet tea but don’t like using sugar or honey too much. Now I tired brewing a few of the stevia leafs along with the rooibos tea leafs. It …

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Blueberry scones for lazy morning

 Noah’s 4th tooth is coming in so he woke up at 1:30 am and then again at 5am. The way this little boy is making teeth he will be 10 month with a mouthful of them. Poor James was tired this morning so when Noah went down for a nap …

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Good news at Sammy’s wood fire pizza and pumpkin soup

It’s been a gorgeous day with the family visiting pumpkin patch, lots of playing, cuddling and a lunch at Bella’s favorite restaurant Sammy’s Wood fire pizza. In all honesty I don’t think she loves this place for the food but rather because you can watch the trolley go by. My …

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Warm fruit salad

I guess that was that fall because today it’s warm and sunny again. I had to admit I’m little disappointed because I was looking forward  to cuddling in front of the fire with hot cocoa and my family. This day has been absolutely insane with a photo shoot for my …

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Homemade vanilla sugar

Vanilla sugar is hard to find here in the USA. In Sweden where I come from it’s a common product used in pretty much all desserts and baking. I’m not big on vanilla extract so I’ve been using vanilla beans for my cooking but it get fairly expensive so now …

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Peppermint hot cocoa

Wow we’re having our first fall storm and off course it happens when we’re dog sitting so poor James and Lola are out in the heavy rain, hopefully taking care of business. Nothing taste better than after being outside in the cold than a hot drink in this care it …

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