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Faking Bacon Sauce

Our vacation is coming to an end for this summer and I’m so sad. We usually stay for about 3,5 weeks in Sweden every year, but this year James could not take off that kind of time so everything has been very rushed and not as relaxing as we’re used …

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Spicy and Cheesy Tomato Soup

After a long day in town I came home and found that my husband had made lunch and feed the kids and they were now all napping so I was on my own. It was like having a date with myself so I made a soup which I ate outside …

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Quick & Spicy Tomato Sauce

When we arrived home after a long day away we all were starved. I had to make something fast and this pasta sauce made from tomato soup is what I came up with. Served with whole wheat pasta and broccoli it was a complete, filling and nutritional dinner everyone liked. …

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Pasta and lentil salad

Operation empty out fridge and freezer is on it’s way at home because we’re leaving for Sweden early Saturday morning. I like to clean the fridge before I leave so I come home to a clean kitchen and fridge. I had leftover whole wheat pasta and lentils in the fridge …

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Garbanzo Bean Salad

Today was a miserable hot day and on top of that I have strep throat, yikes. I can’t eat hot food but cold tastes good. With that I made this tomato and garbanzo bean salad from tomatoes and basil from our garden. 1 large tomato, diced 1/2 avocado, diced 1/2 …

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Quinoa Salad–The Perfect Picnic Food

Quinoa is one of those wonderful foods that is high in nutrition and protein, easy to cook, easy to digest and you can eat it hot or cold. The hot weather has kept going here in San Diego so I’ve been looking for easy lunches with a lot of vegetables …

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Bella’s Graduation Chocolate Cake

Today, Bella graduated from preschool. My little girl is growing up too fast! Off course dinner tonight was a graduation dinner and I served a pasta casserole with quinoa pasta, vegetables, cheese and tomato sauce. For dessert we had a chocolate cake with a maple & chocolate frosting which Bella …

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Homemade broth

My mom used to make her own broth and I swear it made a huge difference when she cooked. I had read somewhere that you could use all scraps you have cut off and not used from your vegetables to make a veggie broth. Last week whenever I cooked I …

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Vegetable and bean casserole

Because I had lots of vegetables and beans and was not feeling my best with my hip pain, I made a very simple casserole for Saturday night dinner. I guess it must have been really good because when Bella and daddy was waiting for test results and Children’s hospital she …

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Mexican Marinated Green Beans and Jicama

Last weekend my in-laws asked us what our plans were for memorial day. Funny thing is we had no idea it was the up coming weekend. I guess this is life for busy families with kids. We talked about BBQ for Memorial day but in the end I wanted Mexican …

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