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Finished kitchen and potato & broccoli soup

As of yesterday my kitchen is done!! Off course at the end we had a lot of drama putting in the sink and dishwasher machine but hubby took care of that and got it all done. I really love my new kitchen and will have so much fun cooking in …

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Obama’s Nutrition Bill

In an effort to make children’s school lunches and dinners more nutritional, President Obama signed into law the Child Nutrition Legislation on Monday. You might have heard about it or even seen Michelle Obama speak about on TV as she is a huge supporter and joined her husband when this …

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Earthlings- an Important Documentary

Here is a trailer of the award winning documentary Earthlings about human abuse on animals narrated by well known animal activist Joaquin Phoenix. It’s a very disturbing movie, but something that has to be seen to understand. It’s not ok to abuse animals as much as it’s not ok to …

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Red wine sauce & fried potatoes

Bella has been home sick all day. She woke up with a 101,6 temperature, stuffy nose and sore throat. She has not had an appetite all day but after a nap she was hungry so dinner and a movie was in order. I made fried potatoes, seitan, grilled tomato and …

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Warm sweet potato salad

I had sweet potatoes left from Bella’s party so I made a warm potato salad which we enjoyed with marinated beans. 3 medium sweet potatoes, cooked 2/3 cup feta cheese, crumbled (Soy or dairy) 1 1/2 cup arugula 1/2 cup tomatoes, chopped 1/2 cup sweet corn, cooked Place the warm …

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Family pizza night

Bella requested pizza for friday night dinner so that’s what we had. Making your own pizza is fun because kids can help out, it’s cheap and healthier than takeout pizza. It’s also very easy to make your own. I used sour dough culture in this pizza crust but it can …

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Lentil Patties

These patties were the easiest patties I have made in a very long time and they tasted absolutely wonderful. Leftovers ended up on a lunch sandwich with some mustard, mayo and tomatoes. Next time I will make extra to put in the freezer for those days when time or inspiration …

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Samosas with red currant chutney

Here is the recipe for the samosas we ate yesterday. We ate them with a red currant chutney to dip them in. Traditional samosas are made with a dough but I used whole wheat filo dough and has a mix of potatoes and peas. I was out of peas and …

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Filo with Veggy Filling

I hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend. I’ve been so tired every night lately. Part is that I’m working a lot right now and off course part is because I’m 22+ weeks pregnant. Our meal often has been finding things in the fridge or freezer and using …

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Mushroom pasta sauce

This one of Bella favorite pasta sauces and the funny part is that she does not even care for mushrooms very much unless it’s BBQ portabella mushrooms. I always say I know it’s good when she happily eats it all up before we even finished ours and gets sad when …

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