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Orange ice cream

We had a very lazy morning at home where both kids still wore their sleepwears at lunch time, good day indeed. I went for an amazing massage with Andrea Liddle and now James and Bella have gone swimming while Noah is sleeping. We’re planing to go out for a short …

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Ginger bread muffins

We woke up to a rainy day but we love it because we know it means tons of family fun times indoors. We also are getting a lot of things around the house we been putting off such as cleaning the garage and organizing Bella and Noah’s toys. Me and …

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Honey lime marinade

Great morning because I can breath through my nose again thanks to an amazing acupuncture treatment by Jackie Bensinger at Vibrational Healing Art. We don’t take very much pharmaceutical drugs at home but rather trust in natural healing through herbs, food and acupuncture. I think it works because our kids …

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Spelt berry risotto

!’m finally feeling better today because I woke up without a fever for the first time in four days. Perfect timing too since James left early this morning for a business trip.  I made risotto yesterday but made it more healthy by using spelt berries instead of white rice. The …

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Flu and healing juice hopes

Well I guess I have the flu and I still feel terrible. I’ve tried almost everything to get better; acupuncture, herbs, yoga and now wheat grass and veggie juice. So far nothing has worked so I guess I’m just on for lots of rest, HA not easy with two kids. …

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Broccoli cheese pasta sauce

Here I’m down for the count with a major cold. So annoying when I have so much work to do. Yesterday when I arrived home from my yoga class I was miserable and not hungry at all. Unfortunately my family still looked for me to cook them dinner so I …

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Oat buns

Yesterday’s bake mania resulted in bread for the week in the shape of oat buns. I love Sunday evenings after the kids are asleep and I’m sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea with a warm bun with butter next to me whole I work. 1 1/2 cup …

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Healthy brownies, does that exist?

With the time change the kids went crazy this morning and seemed to take turns sleeping. This way they could to most damage to us, at least that’s how it felt at 4:30 am when we had all split up and I ended up with a Bella who asked every …

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Tomato and lentil soup with kale

Today was Harvest festival at Bella’s school so we were there all day, James with the kids and me as a vendor. Since I know we would be out all day I made a lentils soup that would be good for all of us and which I could put in …

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Good green morning!

Today we’re having a big storm hitting us with winds and lots of rain. It’s nice to be inside by the fire and cuddle and that’s what we’ve been doing this afternoon. Noah is mesmerized by the rain and loves looking out at it. Noah meditating while watching the rain …

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