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Yesterday I felt a little bit down and very tired. I felt I needed some very calming food and nothing taste better than a really good kitchari. Indian kitchari is a “stew” made from rice, lentils or beans and warming spices such as ginger, fennel, mustard seeds, coriander and cumin …

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Sesame & lemon cookies

Today was the first time I really felt like a real fall day here in San Diego. Me and Noah took an early morning walk around our neighborhood. I almost felt like we were the only two people in whole San Diego. We sure enjoy our morning time together. On …

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Last night I made a very traditional Swedish dish, meatless meatballs with cooked potatoes and to top it off…an amazing creamy gravy. This is how Swedish meatballs is suppose to be served. I will for sure make the gravy again for Thanks Giving to be served paired with neatloaf. The …

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Birthday pavlova cake

Yesterday our little girl Bella turned five and I can’t believe how fast time fly. I feel it was just yesterday I brought home that tiny bundle who was so sleepy we had to wake up to feed. For her birthday she wanted a meringue cake she watched being baked …

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Puttanesca pasta sauce

When I’m in a pinch for dinner I usually resort to using canned tomatoes and make a tasty pasta sauce or stew with it. With a tomato based sauce you can add other vegetables to make the sauce nutritional and low fat. I made Italian puttanesca sauce this way. Traditional …

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Healthy chocolate chip cookie dough dip

Ok when I saw a picture with the title healthy cookie dough dip it caught my eyes because I really had my doubts this would really be good or healthy. I’m a believer now and love how this is a great way to add more beans in a picky eater. …

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Black bean chili with hint of chocolate

When I told Bella we’re having chili with chocolate she was super excited until she tasted it and disappointingly stated it did not taste like chocolate at all. Next time I will learn to to set her up for disappointment and just say we’re having chili. The chocolate just added …

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Gluten & sugar free banana bread

Banana bread is one of those things my family and I love but I hardly never bake it. Why I don’t know since it’s so easy to make is a great snack for kids. On Melomeals.blogspot.com found a recipe for gluten free banana bread and since I have many friends and …

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Book launched, give away and the joy of raw chocolate

Yesterday was the official launch of my cookbook “Yummy in my tummy, healthy cooking for the whole family”. The party was held at the La Jolla women’s and we had a great turnout with over 100 people attending. Now the book is available at Amazon, Book depository and Barnes & …

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