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Gingerbread caramels

I love holiday’s and cooking for it. As soon as we gettingcloser to Thanksgiving and Christmas I start to cook and bake holiday food.These little caramels are divine and in my option a perfect present to bring toa hostess, friend or family. The gingerbread flavor is perfect for the holiday. …

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Polenta terrine

I saw this dish being made non-vegetarian off course on TopChef long time ago but when I found I had some corn meal in my pantry I was reminded of it and decided to make polenta terrine with vegetables and soy sausages. There are a lot of different element to …

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Cranberry and pomegranate sauce

This weekend I have been working on preparing for Thanksgiving so I’ve been making cranberry sauce, crackers, cranberry baguettes, whole wheat spelt loaf and ginger bread caramels. I’m finally done and my poor feet are super tired. I was lucky that Bella went to the movies with my friend Jess …

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Pumpkin curry

Last night we had planned to take Bella to Sea World se experience their winter wonderland. We’re all ready to go and was waiting for James to come home. Finally 30 minutes late he arrived just to inform us there is a bad accident where we had to drive to …

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Lentil soup

Days go by so fast these day and on top of this is so dark all the time. I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving next week already. When you’re out and about your can feel people’s holiday stress building so I try to stay away from stores and malls as much …

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Roasted brussel sprouts with pomegranate

I’ve planted brussel sprouts in our garden earlier this year with the hopes I would have some to harvest for Thanks Giving dinner. Well that didn’t work out so instead I bought some local ones at the farmers market. Brussel sprouts used to be one of two vegetables I was …

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Coconut lentils

I have determined  that we kind of  obsessed with kombucha here. Amanda and I drink at least one a day so now I wonder if I should start making my own since they are so pricey. If someone has a kombucha recipe please do share!!! I found a recipe for …

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Cranberry spelt baguettes

This is a bread I bakes last weekend and it’s one of my favorites now and I will bake this again for Thanksgiving. I like baking and cooking with spelt flour since it better for you. Whole wheat spelt flour is more nutritional than white spelt flour but by using …

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Braised red cabbage and apples

Fall is all about warm colors, warm fires and warming food such as braised cabbage and sausages. I found vegan beer brats and I love the combination of salty/spicy with sweet & sour taste of braised cabbage. Bella did not like the sausage but loved loved the cabbage and ate …

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Orange ice cream

We had a very lazy morning at home where both kids still wore their sleepwears at lunch time, good day indeed. I went for an amazing massage with Andrea Liddle and now James and Bella have gone swimming while Noah is sleeping. We’re planing to go out for a short …

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