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Our trip to San Francisco

I love eating in San Fransisco because there so many fun and unique options and many healthy alternative. So here I want to share in our experience and our favorite places to eat in San Francisco! La BoulangeThis is a great place for breakfast, lunch or just coffee and goodies. …

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Spicy roasted bell pepper soup

San Francisco has been treating us as good as ever with sun, warm weather and tons of fun. It makes us always wonder why we left at all. We’re staying in a house in the Marina so we’re close to everything; the farmers market, restaurants, playground, walking along the bay …

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Sweet and spicy chill sauce

Stir frys is a good way to serve a lot of vegetables that does not require lots of skills or time. When I’m really in a rush I love woking veggies and just add a little sweet chill sauce for extra flavor and serve it over cooked rice. My favorite …

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The Loss of a Pet

Yesterday one of our furry friends died.  Her name was Mimi, a beautiful guinea pig. Mimi moved in with us when she was one month old and Bella was 6 months old. For the last couple of years, Bella loved caring for Mimi and would often pick her up and …

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And yes another seitan stew

I know, there has been waaaay too many seitan recipes lately but since I figured out a way to make cheap and easy seitan that and beans has been the staple of our diet. So here comes another yet delicious seitan dish.  I think stews, soups and casserole are I …

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Vegetable Garden: Here We Go . . . Again!

By Fredrica Syren This weekend I finally planted all my vegetables, and I’m so excited to have a small vegetable garden once again.  Ever since we moved to this house in 2007, I’ve had a greenhouse and a large vegetable garden in the back.  I really enjoy gardening with Bella …

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Baked pasta and kale

The hardest vegetable for me to get my kids to eat is the leafy greens such as spinach, swiss chard or kale. I usually have to be good at “masking” them in a sauce but I also have to make dishes an adult will find fun. This baked pasta dish …

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Urban Chickens

By Kim Robson Have you ever toyed with the idea of raising a few chickens on a bit of land?  If you have some yard space and want healthy, farm-fresh eggs to eat, it’s well worth considering.  Many communities’ zoning laws now allow a small number of chickens.  San Diego’s …

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creamy carrot and bean soup

So today was the first day of Bella’s week off from school and it started out so well with baby brother sleeping in and then a nice family morning walk. For lunch I made soup because it’s fast and a very easy way to get kids to eat vegetables. Later …

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Children’s Crafts — Make a Bird Feeder

By Fredrica Syren: Bella’s school encourages the kids to make homemade cards and gifts to give away for special occasions, so for this Valentine’s Day we made bird feeders.  It was easy and fun and did not cost a whole lot, either.  We hand crafted 18 bird feeders and Valentine’s …

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