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Mustard baked temphe

I love Thursdays because it’s our date night and tonight we started out with a fun walk in Balboa park and ended with a nice dinner at Lotus cafe. For the kids and Amanda I made baked tempeh which was not Bella favorite but Noah loved it but then again …

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The Top Five Green Issues in the 2012 Election

By Fredrica Syren: It’s that time again when the media bombard us with election news.  Of course this time the main topic is the economy, so we get to know very little else about what the candidates stand for, particular regarding “green” issues.  By November, 2012, eco-minded Americans searching for …

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Carrot bread rolls

My dear friend Wendy who I’ve been writing about here before and I have a deal that we swap foods. I my case I’m really good at baking healthy and yummy breads so I do that for her and she cooks amazing raw food for my whole family, great deal …

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Let your natural beauty show–natural make-up

By Amanda Wilkes: Eighty percent of women wear makeup, but how many of us really know what we are wearing? It is shocking that we pay such little attention to the products we put on our faces yet focus so much time on preparing healthy meals, reading nutrition labels, buying …

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5 Minutes Tomato Sauce

You know one of those days when you have a crazy day and realize that dinner was suppose to been served already and you have two big eyed kids standing looking at you completely starved. That’s when you either go out for a not so healthy dinner or you have …

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New study shows that California drinking water is contaminated

How clean is your drinking water? Good question and if you live in the Salinas Valley, Fresno, Tulare, Kings and Kern counties in California not very well and new study released by  US Davis. The study shows in these places the drinking water is nitrate contaminated and main source is …

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Creamed corn

I got request for the recipe for my creamed corn which I served with the fava bean and bulgur patties on Saturday. So here it is! 3 cups fresh or frozen corn 2 tbs butter 1 1/2 cups milk ( I used almond milk) 1 tsp agave nectar Salt and …

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Portobello mushroom burger

Yesterday, our day started out very well with a nice morning walk along the water in Coronado Island and then some fun playtime at a local playground. Beautiful weather means BBQ in our garden and today we made very summer fresh portobello mushroom burgers served with grilled peaches and avocado …

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Healing mushrooms

By Kim Robson Mushrooms are fungi consisting of a fleshy, spore-bearing, fruiting body.  Besides adding wonderfully earthy and meaty flavors to food, mushrooms also contain essential nutrients.  They are a great source of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and selenium — minerals often lacking in our diets.  In addition, mushrooms contain virtually …

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Popcorn brittle

We had a birthday party to attend and in the last minute we realized we did not have a birthday present. So instead we made popcorn brittle because who does not like homemade sweets? When handling hot caramel make sure to keep little people’s hands and fingers away because it’s …

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