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Coconut Oil — and Its Many Uses

by Chef Centehua: Extra virgin coconut oil is one of our most versatile foods.  It aids digestion and weight loss, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, and supports the cardiovascular system and thyroid gland.  I use coconut oil for cooking and baking, I also add a spoonful to smoothies and raw pies. …

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Almond and pear muffins

My day started out so well with kids who slept in and a yoga class. It’s a beautiful day so a fun snack in the garden with Bella when she gets home is in order. For the snack I made super yummy almond paste and pear muffins. 2 1/4 cups white spelt …

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Frozen banana pops

I seen recipe for cake pops everywhere but so far I’ve not had any celebrations to make it for but Bella and me made a healthier version of frozen banana pops instead. It’s super easy for a five year old to help out with a fast so they don’t lose …

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Meat VS. Mortality

  By: Amanda Wilkes After years and years of debate as to whether or not meat is a major cause of serious illness including heart disease and cancer, it should come as no surprise that the more meat you consume the more likely you are to develop these life threatening …

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Creamy Mushroom Soup

This soup is perfect on a cold and rainy day because its earthy and rich flavors brings warmth and a cozy feeling to it. I call it creamy but there is no cream in it at all, the creaminess comes from cashew butter and pureeing the soup. I topped the …

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America’s Worst Air Polluted Cities

By Fredrica Syren With two people suffering with bronchitis in my family this week, I got to thinking about air quality where I live. So I went to do some research and was appalled by what I found. Did you know that almost half of all Americans are breathing heavily …

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Quinoa and strawberry Tabouleh

My mint and basil in the garden has been growing really well so I wanted to in cooperate that in a dish and I choose to make Tabouleh which is an Arab dish traditionally made with bulgur and tons of herbs. I choose to make it with quinoa and used …

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It’s Nettle Season!

By Valerie Yoder: It’s spring!  For my family, that means more days at the playground, long walks through the woods, and the beginning of another foraging season. Harvesting wild edibles is a great excuse to spend time outdoors in early spring, not to mention a satisfying way to amp up …

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Bean and Mango Guacamole

The weekend so far all about healing my sick poor little family. Bella and James both have bronchitis and Noah a high fever and he’s teething at the same time. My poor little man is still a happy go little guy but sometimes he just gets frustrated because he’s not …

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Berry Chia Pudding Dessert

With everyone super sick in my family and off course we moms don’t have time to be sick I’m working on overtime to stay healthy myself and get my loved ones on the path to recovery. In this case it means eating super healthy so last nights dessert I made …

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