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Green Investments

By Kim Robson Would you be interested in making your “green” more green? In other words, does your investment portfolio reflect your values about the environment? Many people would be shocked to learn that their mutual funds include stocks in oil, nuclear, and coal companies. How can an individual find companies …

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Pineapple filled sandwich cookies

Happy Earth Day Everyone! I hope all are taking this opportunity to do something to celebrate our beautiful planet. On Green Mom you can read what we and our staff are doing to celebrate. We had a date with our neighbors for Mexican traditional enchilada making. Kristen makes the best …

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Pineapple Fried Quinoa

James and Bella came home with a pineapple they bought at Whole Foods and I was trying to come up with a way to cook with it. I also had leftover quinoa and in the past when I had leftover rice I would always make fried rice so now my …

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Green Smoothies: A Great Way To Get Kids To Eat Their Greens

By Fredrica Syren If, like me, you have children who refuse to eat green vegetables, then let me tell you my secret for getting those pesky greens into them: I make green smoothies for my kids. They love the smoothies but have no idea how good they are for them. My son, who …

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Tofu Green Curry

I’ve long wanted to give a try into making my own curry paste. It’s so easy that I can’t believe it took me this long to actually make it and I love the aroma of curry in the house after you cook it. I used real coconut milk from a coconut …

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Earth day 2012–How are we going to celebrate!

Earth Day 2012 is coming up on this upcoming Sunday. Of course all of us at Green Mom celebrate it in our own ways. Read about what we all be doing on Earth Day! Fredrica Syren–Founder, cookbook author and mom Having one day a year to celebrate Earth is great. …

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Support Oceana and Help Save Our Oceans

By Fredrica Syren: Since my post on San Francisco Bay and then watching the documentary The Cove last week, I’ve become more involved in our oceans and the wildlife living there. All these creatures are in danger because of how polluted our oceans are. I found Oceana, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving …

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Creative BBQ–Shiitake Mushroom Tacos

When the weather is as gorgeous as it has been lately I really don’t want to get stuck by a hot stove at cook. BBQ is way more fun and taste so good and taco is also an easy way to stuck healthy and good veggies. The combination of flavorful …

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Fennel & orange salad

Fennel is one of those vegetables that either you love them or hate them. I love them raw and cooked and yesterday I made a very simple orange and fennel salad that is super fresh and light.  It’s not a main meal but works well as a side dish. 1 …

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Grilling: The Do’s and Don’ts

By Amanda Wilkes: For me there is nothing better than a BBQ by the pool on a Sunday afternoon. As it became a more regular activity, I began feeling quite guilty about what I was putting into my body. So I started researching the harmful effects that barbecuing can have …

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