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Smoothies for Kids

By Chef Centehua I began adding smoothies to my diet when my first born was around one year old. He really wasn’t interested in food, and I was breast feeding and making fruit smoothies with spirulina. He loved them, and the spirulina provided essential protein and minerals for us both. …

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Blackout Risk Again and What Can You Do

By Fredrica Syren When the last years blackout on September 8th happened it left millions without power and in the dark for hours. For my family it started out ok with us all just BBQ in the backyard. But after a few hours when darkness came it was not as …

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Chocolate Fondue

Hubby and me used to love going for fondue before we had kids. Lets face the fact that a long and messy dinner is just not an option when you have two kids:) Well instead I from time to time will make a super easy and fast fondue for date …

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The Many Benefits of Aloe Vera

By Asha Kreiling The aloe vera plant is one that belongs in everyone’s garden. It is beneficial in so many ways and is extremely easy to grow. The plant amazes me for its ability to thrive with so little maintenance. I have several aloe plants growing in my garden, and …

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Guest Cook and Guacamole

We were so lucky and had a friend made tacos for us last night. They were delicious and nothing taste better than a side of guacamole.  2 garlic cloves 2 ripe avocados 1/2 large tomato chopped A squeeze of lemon juice 2 tbs cilantro, minced Salt to taste A few …

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Pharmaceutical Companies Forced To Clean Up Their Mess?

By Amanda Wilkes At a cost of $330,000 annually, Alameda residents can safely dispose of any expired or unused medication at 28 convenient locations. These types of disposal programs exist in many cities and counties across the nation; however, in Alameda, taxpayers may no longer have to spend their hard …

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So, how much vacation time do you get?

By Fredrica Syren I get that question a lot, which of course with two kids and two businesses, well … the answer is none Yes, I work 365 days of the year and, when we actually go somewhere on a vacation like now when we have been in Sweden for …

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes and Bruschetta

My tomatoes are taking over the garden and on top of that our neighbor gave me some of her tomatoes and jalapeno pepper she had too much of too. So yes now we’re eating tons of tomatoes here and I love it!!! For an evening snack I made spicy tomato …

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Achieving Financial Independence

By Kim Robson What would you give to become financially independent? It might seem like a far-off dream, but there are many simple steps one can take to realize this very achievable goal. First, obtain a free copy of your credit report and take a hard, unbiased look at it. Are you …

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Vanilla Bean Sugar

I like to use real vanilla bean in my cooking and baking but it does get expensive in the long run. But one trick I do is to save the empty vanilla beans after I scraped out the seeds and when I have a couple I make a vanilla bean …

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