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Could You Live Off The Grid?

By Kim Robson “Living off-the-grid” simply means not relying on one or more public utilities. It’s estimated that about 250,000 American families have been living off-grid as of late 2007. With high-profile celebrities like Ed Begley, Jr. and Darryl Hannah promoting and living self-sustainable lifestyles, more and more resources are …

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Keeping Your Green Resolutions

By Fredrica Syren Every year I make new year’s resolutions. I see them as goals I set for myself annually to keep me going, to make my life better. This year my resolutions are mostly about doing more for our planet. Last year’s Green-mom.com conversations were so much about climate …

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The Sweetness in Life

By Chef Centehua Nature gifts us sweet fruits and various types of honey and nectar. For our brains to function properly, we need the sugars naturally found in food. Our bodies use the carbohydrates we eat to create glucose, a form of sugar, then uses it for energy. Our brains …

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Make Your School Grow With a School Garden

By Kim Robson School gardens provide a dynamic and beautiful learning environment for kids, where science, math, reading, environmental studies, nutrition, and health can be taught. There, children can experience a deeper understanding of nature and become better stewards of the Earth. They learn how to design the garden, then …

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Planting Seeds in the New Year

By Dawna Matthews For the last few weeks, we have focused on celebrating holidays, surrounding ourselves with loved ones, and bringing closure to the year as we make room for the new. Most of us use the new year as a beautiful opportunity to resolve to grow and transform. I …

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Mental Health Care in America

By Kim Robson In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, everyone is talking about strengthening the guns laws in this country. And we do need better gun control, certainly. However, better gun control wouldn’t have prevented the deaths in Connecticut, where they already have some of the toughest gun …

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Genetically Modified Salmon Legalized

By Fredrica Syren Due to cost, more and more of our foods are becoming genetically modified these days.  However, we really don’t know what the long-term effects of these foods are because they really have not been tested enough.  Since GMO foods do not require labels, the scary thing is …

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