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What’s in a Label, Anyway?

By Rima Mehta When you’re at the grocery store it can be hard to take the extra minute to examine the labels of the items in your cart. The various claims made on food packages can be confusing, and it’s sometimes hard to reconcile the information of the front of …

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Eat Local, Eat Well

By Lauren Reinhardt About six months ago I moved to San Diego from Seattle, land of green living (both literally and consciously). Moving from the lushly forested Northwest to the arid climate of Southern California has been an adjustment. I like wearing boots and sweaters, and I miss the smell …

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First Day of Kindergarten and Goji Cherry Truffles

Today was Bella’s first day of kindergarten and she was so proud heading off to school this morning. I missed her like crazy but have enjoyed our special time we had this summer. We’re having such an intense heatwave. I’m so over it! To keep cool yesterday Bella and I …

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Quinoa Salad–The Perfect Picnic Food

Quinoa is one of those wonderful foods that is high in nutrition and protein, easy to cook, easy to digest and you can eat it hot or cold. The hot weather has kept going here in San Diego so I’ve been looking for easy lunches with a lot of vegetables …

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Obama’s Nutrition Bill

In an effort to make children’s school lunches and dinners more nutritional, President Obama signed into law the Child Nutrition Legislation on Monday. You might have heard about it or even seen Michelle Obama speak about on TV as she is a huge supporter and joined her husband when this …

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