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Meatless Mondays: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

By Dawna Matthews: I used to fast one day a week and the day I chose was Monday. It just seemed like the best choice for me since it is at the beginning and tends to be more hectic than the rest of the week. These days I still fast, …

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A Close Look at Meat

By Chef Centehua First of all, I’d like to ask the questions “Where is the beef?” or “Where does it come from?” Of course that is followed by another question: “What’s in the meat?”  Our grandparents didn’t have to ask these questions. Their meat came from the farmer who had a few cows …

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Sting in Stinging Nettle

By Chef Centehua My journey toward optimum health has led me to healing naturally through food and herbs. I view food as medicine. As a naturalist and an aspiring herbalist, I trust that the earth has everything I need to restore vitality in my body and maintain every system working …

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Organic Wine and Beer

 By Kim Robson Planning for wine or beer on for Valentines Day? Then make sure to serve organic. Humans have been fermenting fruits, vegetables, and grains since the dawn of civilization. Ancient Mesopotamians stored “liquid bread” for later, using straws to drink beer from large vats as early as 9,000 …

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The Many Wonders of Farm Fresh Eggs

By Fredrica Syren Cage free, organic, vegetarian-fed, omega-3 enriched. It’s a jungle out there, and it can be difficult to know which eggs are truly fresh and the best. Which eggs come from truly happy chickens that live a good, healthy life? Unfortunately, each label on an egg carton has …

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Easy Tips To Waste Less Food

By Asha Kreiling ​On too many occasions, I have opened up my refrigerator to find a molding, yellowing broccoli crown or a bag of slimy lettuce that I bought and simply forgot about or didn’t eat quickly enough. And I’m not alone. Every year, Americans throw away over 34 million …

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Is Your Food a World Traveler?

By Kim Robson  On Green-Mom, we’ve discussed the importance of buying locally grown, organic foods. There are many reasons for doing this, including freshness, taste, nutritional value, support of the local economy and building relationships with the farmers who grow our food. Another equally important reason to buy locally produced …

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Understanding Our Drinking Water

By Asha Kreiling Water is essential. Our bodies cannot function without it. Our bodies obtain our daily water needs from the liquid in fruits, vegetables, juices, beverages, etc.; but plain water is the best and simplest means of hydration. Due to concerns over municipal tap water quality or simply because …

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Kale: the New Beef

By Chef Centehua Kale is a gorgeous dark green or purple leaf form of cabbage. Kale is  part of the brassica family, as are brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and collard greens. A protein-rich food, kale is also high in iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper and other vitamins such as …

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Proteins for Vegans and Vegetarians

By Asha Kreiling Any vegan or vegetarian will tell you the question they are asked most often from meat eaters is “Where do you get your protein?” As a vegetarian with vegan tendencies, I expect this question to come up in every conversation about my diet. It gets old, but …

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