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Room By Room Series — Home Office & Laundry Room

By Larraine Roulston: In our Room by Room series, the laundry room and a home office are usually small areas, but both have greening opportunities. GREENING THE HOME OFFICE  Take yourself off junk mail.  Have recycling boxes by your desk to take all paper, batteries, ink cartridges and outdated e-waste. …

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Eco-friendly Easter Ideas

By Valerie Yoder: Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth and renewal, to shake off the winter and awaken with a new sense of appreciation for the surrounding springtime beauty. In that spirit, my family and I have been seeking ways to have fun on Easter while remaining healthy as …

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Room By Room Series — Part 4 The Kitchen

By Larraine Roulston: As you have been experiencing the joy of greening your home, you are now ready for the kitchen — likely the biggest challenge in our Room by Room series. Here, opportunities abound for recycling, composting, waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency. GREENING THE KITCHEN First, purchase …

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Bringing New Life to Your Outdated Sweater

By Amanda Wilkes: It is nearly time for spring cleaning, and this year I am including my closet on the list of things to do. Most of the time I donate old clothes that I am no longer wearing; however, I’m thinking of doing something different with my outdated sweaters. …

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Greening Room-by-Room Series: The Bathroom

By Larraine Roulston: This segment of our “Room-by-Room” greening series focuses on the bathroom. By investing your time to adapt greener methods and alter habits, you will be on your way to becoming more sustainable. GREENING THE BATHROOM Saving water is the major goal when scrutinizing the bathroom. You can …

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Valentine’s Day Green Gift Guide

By Dawna Matthews Do you want to share the love this Valentineʼs Day but still stay eco-friendly? Luckily, this is easier than ever before. Whether you are gifting for the more traditional loved one or the more unique, avantgarde hipster-sweetie, the options below have you covered to give some sweetness to your …

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Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals

By Kim Robson: How often have we seen a dramatic television or movie scene where someone flushes a bunch of pills down the toilet? Yay for sobriety, right? It’s almost a cliché. But the environmental impact on animals and microorganisms of pharmaceuticals in rivers, lakes and drinking water can be …

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Greening Room by Room Series Part 1 Bedroom

By Larraine Roulston: Most people are happier once they start to simplify their lives and adopt eco-friendly practices. However, making too many changes to your living space all at once may seem a rather daunting task. Instead, take your time to scrutinize each room individually, and soon you will experience …

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Oven Cleaning Alternatives Without Chemicals

By Amanda Wilkes: Many of the meals we make require a significant amount of time in the oven at high heat, leading to bubbles, splatters and spills inside our cooking unit. As time goes on, these bubbles, splatters and spills continue to bake onto the oven’s surface, making it harder …

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