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Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals

By Kim Robson: How often have we seen a dramatic television or movie scene where someone flushes a bunch of pills down the toilet? Yay for sobriety, right? It’s almost a cliché. But the environmental impact on animals and microorganisms of pharmaceuticals in rivers, lakes and drinking water can be …

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Greening Room by Room Series Part 1 Bedroom

By Larraine Roulston: Most people are happier once they start to simplify their lives and adopt eco-friendly practices. However, making too many changes to your living space all at once may seem a rather daunting task. Instead, take your time to scrutinize each room individually, and soon you will experience …

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Oven Cleaning Alternatives Without Chemicals

By Amanda Wilkes: Many of the meals we make require a significant amount of time in the oven at high heat, leading to bubbles, splatters and spills inside our cooking unit. As time goes on, these bubbles, splatters and spills continue to bake onto the oven’s surface, making it harder …

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Why We Should Recycle

By Larraine Roulston: There are hundreds of great reasons to recycle! Rather than just throwing everything away, recycling saves space, natural resources, energy, money and time. It also creates jobs and reduces the release of toxins into our environment. During the mid-1980s, recycling became a necessity. Our disposable society, together …

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The Path of a Recycled Bottle

By Kim Robson: We all know recycling is critically important to the health of our planet. Rather than making new bottles from scratch, recycling glass bottles allows new bottles to be created with less energy and fewer new raw materials, which aids conservation and improves energy efficiency. But have you …

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Recycle Right at Curbside

By Larraine Roulston: Recycling is a global industry in which markets and prices are just as volatile as any other business that depends on the cost of extracting natural resources or obtaining quality supplies from residents. By recycling the familiar curbside collection items — metal food containers, paper, plastic and …

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Ethical Awareness this Holiday Season

By Amanda Wilkes: I think it is safe to say that most of us have at least one person we will be buying a gift for this holiday season. Every Christmas, I think about the massive consumerism happening every second in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This year I …

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Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts

By Larraine Roulston: When someone in your family announces “Let’s all make Christmas gifts this year!”, it can be a rather daunting task for some. My husband, however, came through one year by learning to bake an apple pie and knit a small hot pad. This year, I happened to …

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A Greener Way To (Gift) Wrap

By Amanda Wilkes: There have been far too many Christmas mornings and days after birthday bashes when I have found myself throwing away an excessive amount of gift wrap. All that paper, all those trees — for a mere second of gift wrap admiration. Everyone is so focused on what …

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More Tips To Eliminate Plastic

By Larraine Roulston: With new reports revealing that climate change is worse than first predicted, citizens as well as government leaders attending the Paris summit must do their part. One issue is lessening our dependency on oil based plastics. Although this seems to be a daunting and never ending challenge, …

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