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Green Mom Says

What I’m Grateful For….

I might be thousands miles away from any Thanksgiving celebrations but it still makes me think about the year that went by since last one and everything that has happened. It makes me think about what I’m grateful for this year. I’m grateful that we welcomed yet another beautiful child …

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Listen to Your Body, Mama

By Fredrica Syren: One morning last week I woke up with an aching body. I thought it was just from a good workout the day before. My throat kind of hurt, but I simply thought it was because I had not slept well the night before since my little boys …

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Happy Father’s Day

Today it’s all about dad and since my dad has passed away I focus my energy on the father of my children. He’s is the best dad ever and I’m so proud of him and what kind of dad he has turned into; loving, playful and someone who makes you …

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