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Green Mom Says

Cuddle Time

 My favorite thing about having kids is all the cuddles you get and with three kids I sure get my fair share and would not trade it for anything. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love, Fredrica a.k.a Green mom  

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How To Handle Criticism When Going Green

By Fredrica Syren: There always will be critics when it comes to the green movement. I have to say, I’m a bit surprised that I’ve not gotten as much as I had expected, considering I have blogged since 2009, written a book and founded Green-Mom.com. I also have been blessed …

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Activism — Aiming for Change

By Fredrica Syren: I don’t think you ever choose to become an activist, but that you choose to be active. That is how my journey toward activism began many years ago. I grew up in a household where activism was strong. When I was seven years old, I asked my …

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Working from Home — Not for Everyone

By Fredrica Syren: I work from home so I can be home with my kids while they are young. When I tell people this, they either envy me or think I’m crazy. I did not always work from home, though. When my oldest was 10 months old, I started working …

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Happy Birthday, Baby Brother

By Fredrica Syren: Today is our baby brother’s first birthday, and all I can say is that time seems to go faster with each child. He is as much like his brother and sister as he is different from them. Liam is a happy baby who loves to mimic and, …

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Review: Yummi Pouch–For Healthy Snack On the Go

By Fredrica Syren: As a family of five who are always on the go, we have to be really smart and creative when it comes to packing healthy and nutritional snacks for us all. I love making smoothies for snacks, and with Yummi Pouch, it’s easy to bring along smoothies …

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Mindful Motherhood — Meditation for Moms

 By Fredrica Syren:   With my two first kids, I practiced meditation daily. I really depended on going inside myself to find stillness that would help me cope with the ups and downs of my day-to-day life. I don’t know what happened, but around a year ago, when I was expecting …

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New Year’s Resolutions

By Fredrica Syren: Goodbye, 2013. You were filled with joy, and some ups and downs. Hello, 2014! I hope you will be a really good year. The new year is when many of us make resolutions — things we would like to achieve and/or to make better for ourselves. 40 …

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Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful last day of the year and I wish you a happy green new year! Love, Fredrica a.k.a Green mom and the whole green family James, Bella, Noah, Liam and staff Andrea, Kim, Dawna, Sherry, Jonathan, Julie, Centehua  

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Merry Christmas!!!

I’m taking two days off to celebrate Christmas with my green family. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy holiday. Love, Fredrica a.k.a Green  

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