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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Creamy Detoxifing Blueberry Smoothie

James is on a detox diet, so that means no dairy, soy, flour or sugar. As you can imagine versatility in his menu can seem limited at times and a creative mind is a must to make breakfast interesting. I think I am the right woman for the job. I …

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Soy Sauce Infused Shiitake Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts

Just after the birth of our daughter Isabella we had a postpartum doula care for us. Aparna is wonderful and she cooked the most amazing and wholesome food. She brought wholesome food to our new family after too long on take-out. One of her dishes James loved so much was soy sauce infused …

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Marinaded Beans

I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroid, so that means no soy for me. I took awhile to get diagnosed and I had many symptoms: weight gain, hair loss, insomnia, dry skin and tiredness. Finally, it was my acupuncturist who figured it out. Thanks Jackie! It’s easily diagnosed with a simple blood test. …

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Mushroom and Barley Soup

With the sunny weather we’re having here it’s probobly not correct to say it’s soup weather. So shoot me, sunny or not, it’s still “our” winter here in San Diego and I love eating soup. I’ve been craving mushroom barley soup for weeks but cooking barley takes 1.5 hours. I …

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Celeriac and Jicama Slaw

I love all kinds of slaw, specially the creamy ones, unfortunate they don’t like me. We’re trying to eat more root vegetables since a. they are filling, b. they are good for you and c. they are cheap. For lunch today I had kale and bean soup but I craved …

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The Best Roasted Vegetables- Ever!

Oven roasted vegetables have always been my favorite and I created a recipe for the ultimate yummy oven roasted root vegetables. The best part is…it’s super easy! Roasting vegetables in the oven really brings out their natural sweetness and is guaranteed to make even the worst Vegetable Hater enjoy. Serves …

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Cashew Chipotle Sauce

My quest for creamy, non-dairy sauces continues and today I tried using cashews for a base. It worked really well! I perked it up by adding chipotle peppers to make it a nice smoky and spicy sauce. The sauce can be used as enchilada sauce or like me, used it …

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Creamy Vegan Protein Risotto

I had cravings for risotto today, but had no risotto rice in the house. I decided use white basmati rice and it worked! I was also out of  non-dairy cheese, so I used soy creamer. I added read lentils to the “risotto” to make it more filling, creamy and a …

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Beet Carpaccio

A carpaccio is typically made with tender uncooked beef, I use finely sliced beets to make a similar but vegan dish. With their intense red color, beets vibrant color make for a beautiful dish, so use your imagination to arrange the “carpaccio” like a pro. Serves 4 4 large beets …

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Cashew Sausages

These little American style “sausages” come from adding good ingredients that were in my cupboard. Being creative in the kitchen is what excites me! Cashew nuts seemed like a great base since their natural sweetness would appeal to a toddler. In the past I have used rice or potatoes as …

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