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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Mushroom-Barley soup

Barley is a super grain and good source of protein. It has a nutty flavor so paired with mushroom and lots of vegetables you get a hearty and a very filling soup.   1 cup shiitake mushroom 1 tbs canola oil 1/2 cup barley 1/2 cup green onions, minced 1 …

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Chili sin Carne

Happy New Year everyone and here is a recipe for a great start to 2011 with good food! I made this Chili stew without meat and it’s one of our favorite “fast” foods to make; as well as one of Bella’s favorite things to eat. You can easily add more …

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Sun Dried Tomato & Balsamic Seitan

Oh my what a major storm we’ve been having here in San Diego. There are flood warning and high wind warning all over. I have not been outside the door all day because Bella is sick again however I feel it was not a big loss. When it’s cold and …

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Lentil Patties

These patties were the easiest patties I have made in a very long time and they tasted absolutely wonderful. Leftovers ended up on a lunch sandwich with some mustard, mayo and tomatoes. Next time I will make extra to put in the freezer for those days when time or inspiration …

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Samosas with red currant chutney

Here is the recipe for the samosas we ate yesterday. We ate them with a red currant chutney to dip them in. Traditional samosas are made with a dough but I used whole wheat filo dough and has a mix of potatoes and peas. I was out of peas and …

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Filo with Veggy Filling

I hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend. I’ve been so tired every night lately. Part is that I’m working a lot right now and off course part is because I’m 22+ weeks pregnant. Our meal often has been finding things in the fridge or freezer and using …

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Mushroom pasta sauce

This one of Bella favorite pasta sauces and the funny part is that she does not even care for mushrooms very much unless it’s BBQ portabella mushrooms. I always say I know it’s good when she happily eats it all up before we even finished ours and gets sad when …

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Mother’s Milk- Healthful Blueberry Treat

So we finally arrived home after a long flight and fell right to sleep. I loved waking up in my own home and sitting in my garden with fresh watermelon for breakfast. We did a home exchange this year and the family who lived in our home were less then …

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Garlic and rosemary roasted baby potatoes

We received baby potatoes in our shipment form Sea Breeze this week and I knew exactly what I was going to use for them for. I roasted them with skin and all since they are organic it’s safe and a lot of nutrients is in the skin. The garlic is …

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Balsamic stir fry with quinoa pasta

This was one of those fast lunches using up whatever I had in the fridge before we get another organic bag delivered tomorrow. Spinach, garlic, tomatoes, pepper and chick peas, ended up in this stir fry based with aged balsamic vinegar which made it a little sweet and sour. This …

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