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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Mustard Dip

We had a lot of raw vegetables left over from the party so I tried to come up with something to eat with them and the result is a mustard and sunflower dip. I like using sunflowers because they are good and inexpensive. When you grind them they come out …

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Strawberry & Basil Lemonade

Nothings says summer more than a nice cold glass of lemonade.  Strawberries are in season and lemon are always in season in our garden so it’s the perfect time to make some lemonade. I used agave nectar for sweetener. Agave nectar in much better alternative for sugar since it does …

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Rhubarb Chutney

Rhubarb’s are in season now and they are very inexpensive. My family loves anything with a rhubarb so thought I might be good making chutney out of it. The result is great and it was so easy to make. It taste great with anything BBQ, in our case tofu, seitan …

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Healthy Spring Rolls

I had cravings for spring rolls but not the fat that comes with it so I was determine to make my own and healthy spring rolls. I baked them instead of deep frying them. I truly believe the only thing that should be deep fried is french fries and I …

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Coconut Yogurt

Me and Bella went for an early hike this morning, well I hiked and Bella hung out in the stroller eating breakfast. It felt good to be out early in the morning and working out. But when I got home boy was I hungry. Luckily I had homemade coconut yogurt …

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Green Smoothie Turning Toddler Green

I love my green smoothies, especially when I have been to yoga and I’m not that hungry. I made one last night and Bella off course seeing this want some too. I really had my doubts she would like it but oh my she loved it. I don’t know why …

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Mucho grande latte, PLEASE!!!

My new thing in the afternoon now when I sit and work is latte in my new tall glasses with whipped milk with the help of my new small electrical whisk. I bought them both at Ikea and it cost me less than a latte from Starbucks. Now off course …

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Cashew butter

I’m having some technical difficulties with our camera so I apologies for the lack of pictures. I hope James will get it fixed by the weekend and I will add picture to the recipes. I know how much the pictures makes a difference. While in Sweden we had lunch a wonderful …

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No it was not a misspelling it’s a actually one one my favorite soups, a Russian beet soup. It’s great and hardy soup to eat when it’s cold outside. However, here in San Diego we’ve been having fabulous weather and high temperatures but that did not stop me I was …

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Vegan Sushi

I’ve been craving sushi for awhile but off course it’s not so fun eating it when you can’t use soy sauce. But today I decided to make some vegan sushi with a lot of vegetables in them and I came up with a wasabi sauce to dip the rolls into. …

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