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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Lentil pasta sauce

Oh man I’m beat today after a day of biking the whole family, bread baking, cleaning, grocery shopping and off course, playing.  James is taking a yoga course four Sunday in a row so me and the kids are on our own for the afternoon and normally that’s something I’m …

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Rawalishes chocolate dessert

Me and Bella had a wonderful afternoon yesterday when Noah slept so we made dessert together, her favorite, raw chocolate pudding. I love it when I made raw dessert to my kids since my rule is that if goes into their mouths it need to have some nutrition in it …

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Raw corn tortillas and raw sour cream

I found this recipe on We like it raw website and gave it a try.I did modify the recipe a little.  Super easy but does require a dehydrator. It only took a few hours to dry them and they taste amazing. I made enchiladas with them and filled them with marinated …

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Fruit & Nut Bread- Inspiration is Back!

The last couple of mornings Noah has gone from waking up at 4:30-5 am to waking up after 6am, so I feel like I have been getting more solid sleep lately. Because of this I get up before the kids are awake to get things done while hubby enjoys doing some yoga. …

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Quick pasta dinner

I’ve had an amazing day with a fresh clean house and clean beds, I attended a yoga class, got a massage from wonderful Andrea and got to spend some fun times with Noah this morning. I love days like this however I did receive a call from Bella’s school teacher that …

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Fennel & tomato soup

Ahhh first day back to school and back to normal days now whatever that means off course. But for me it meant a beautiful and happy five year old heading to school this morning and lots of quality play time for me and Noah. He loves being in the kitchen …

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Veggie Stir-Fry

Bella had her first sleepover party this weekend which left us alone with Noah. It was so quiet and empty without her. I missed her a lot. She had a great time however and that’s what matters. By the time I got home from a baby shower Noah was already …

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Sweets for a Saturday

Lisa on Sweet-as-sugar blog has a Sweets for a Saturday going on where anyone can post their sweet treat of the week. I posted my chocolate cup cakes with peanut butter frosting. There are many other fun desserts and sweet treats to check it out. Also Lisa’s blog is worth a visit as well for …

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Slow cooked super food porridge

I mainly use my crock pot to cook beans in since they take a fair amount of time to cook and this way I can leave house while they cook. But yesterday I decided to try something new and make porridge in the crock pot so there would be warm …

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DIY Fermented Foods

By Chef Centehua Live fermented foods are vital for a healthy digestive system. Live cultures are abundant in yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, kimchi, etc. The alchemy that these micro-organisms work on our food is something that our ancestors understood and honored, but our over-sanitized and germaphobic culture has forgotten this …

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