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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Warm Nectarine Sundae

Like I said in a previous post, I’ve been enjoying eating local nectarines. Last night I made a fun dessert with warm honey nectarines served with vanilla coconut ice cream. It was a perfect combination of warm and cold. 1 cup sliced nectarines, peel off 1 tbsp. butter 1 tbsp. …

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Lentil and Cashew Curry

One of Isabella’s friends became a big sister two weeks ago and her class arranged for parents to volunteer cooking for the family. Off course I jump on that and made them a curry dish. I know curry can sound a little spicy for kids, but I make it mild. …

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Tea Bread Buns

This is another home baked bread from Sweden we call tea breads. Why I have no idea. Especially since Swedes are more famous for the amount of coffee they drink rather than tea. It makes no sense to me. Regardless, these little breads are super soft flat buns that taste …

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Nectarine and Berry Green Smoothie

I’ve been enjoying eating tons of nectarines lately since it’s in season along with strawberries. We have a few strawberry plants in our garden and thanks to my dear friend’s dad who gave me some advice on how to care for them, this year they’ve been producing a lot of …

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Strawberry Vanilla Preserves

We’re in the middle of strawberry season at the farmers market and oh how I love these sweet and juice little berries from Carlsbad. I kept thinking how I would love to have them all year. So when I found a recipe for strawberry preserves in the July/August issue of …

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Chia Breakfast Pudding

My friend and raw food chef Centehua made a divine raw breakfast with chia seeds last week. Noah and I fell in love with it and it’s been our little mid-morning snack.  It’s like eating a cross between a very yummy pudding and oatmeal; it’s healthy and also very filling. I …

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French Buckwheat Neatloaf

We love neatloaf in this family and my favorite neatloaf recipe is this one using buckwheat. It’s easy and fast to make compared to other recipes, so it’s a perfect when you’re in a rush. We ate our neatloaf with rosemary roasted potatoes and large leafy green salad made with …

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Kamut and Fruit Porridge

I usually cook oatmeal everyday either with blueberries or banana. I found kamut flakes and thought to try a new grain. So this morning I made kamut porridge with apples and cinnamon. It was highly appreciated by Noah who ate happily. This porridge was definitely a filling and satisfying way …

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Zucchini Apple Bread

I love my mornings because it’s just me and Noah having fun and cuddling. I love getting wet and snotty kisses from my little man. We usually spend a fair amount of time in the garden taking care of all of our vegetables and fruit plants. Noah is finally old …

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Lemon Lentil Soup

On Friday we were both super tired so we took the kids out for dinner. We ate a very nice lentil and lemon soup and I knew I had to go home to try to make it again. I really like good lentil soup and even if it’s not the …

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