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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Healing With Fresh Mint

By Fredrica Syren I planted a peppermint plant in garden earlier this year so now I’m drowning mint. It’s ok, however, because I love mint for salad and teas. My kids love when I make mint ice tea, which is a perfect way to cool off during this heatwave we’re …

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Coconut Water — Bottoms Up!

By Fredrica Syren In Maui, where we just vacationed, coconuts grow everywhere, and many places sell drinking coconuts. It’s basically an immature coconut with a straw in it so you can drink the water inside. For drinking purposes, coconuts are harvested from the trees when they are still young and green. It’s one of …

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Chickpea Patties

Making bean patties or burgers can be difficult because they have a tendency to get dry or hard to keep from falling apart. These chickpea patties are super easy to make and they are easy to shape into a patty or burger.    1 small yellow onion, peeled and diced …

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Aloha and yummy juice

Aloha from paradise also known as our vacation in beautiful Paia on Maui. We have been here for two days and we love it. We enjoy walks on the beach and relaxing times. We are so in love with all the local goodies and fruit is included in pretty much …

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Last Post Before Maui

To get into the spirit of Hawaii, I made a yummy pina colada smoothie for breakfast. I can’t wait to have fresh pineapple and to visit local farmers market in Hawaii  Juice and meat from one young coconut 1 cup pineapple chunks 1 Banana Blend everything in a blender and …

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Swiss Chard Quiche

Tomorrow the kids and I are flying to Maui for a week. Hubby, who can’t take vacation, is in charge of bunny, home, compost and vegetable garden. Since it’s been so hot lately, my swiss chard is looking sad so I picked it all and used it for my swiss …

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Preserving Tomatoes

I’m drowning in tomatoes, which is not a bad thing since I love them. I needed to preserve them before they spoiled, so that was a mission today. Here is a super easy recipe from Martha Stewart that I used. I also learned from a co-worker at Green-Mom.Com that you can …

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Buckwheat Neatloaf

This is my kids’ favorite meatloaf recipe, and I love it because it’s so fast to make compared to other neatloaf recipes. Buckwheat is gluten free and high in protein, so it’s very healthy protein source. 6 large marinated green olives, diced (mine was a Italian herb marinate) 1 tbs honey …

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Kids Smoothies

My friend Chef Centehua has written an article posted today on my web site Green-Mom.com. It’s about smoothies for kids and fun ways to add nutrition to a smoothie. Check it out!!! 

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Chocolate Fondue

Hubby and me used to love going for fondue before we had kids. Lets face the fact that a long and messy dinner is just not an option when you have two kids:) Well instead I from time to time will make a super easy and fast fondue for date …

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