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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Shaved Swiss Chard Avocado Salad

All morning we have been driving here and there and running errands with a cranky toddler and five year old. I know a very bad combo but it had to be done because this afternoon we have a birthday party to attend. After all that it was nice to sit …

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Toasting bread with seeds

No this is not bread that gives a fabulous toast but bread that is perfect to use to make toast. I have craved toast with jam with my tea, which is such Swedish thing.  My friend Jess who also is Swedish came over for a tea, toast with jam breakfast this …

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Nut cheese stuffed dates

I was giving a friend a recipe for an appetizer and it was for nut cheese stuffed dates, which are one of my favorite ones to serve. The salty and sweet combination are wonderful and dates are so much fun. Dates are rich in antioxidants and its natural sweetness revitalizes …

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Rice pudding

Rice pudding is something we eat a lot of in Sweden for Christmas but I like making it as a special treat too. I like raisins in my rice pudding and I like it made with a hint of whipped cream to make it specially fluffy and rich. ¼ cup …

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Capers and herb bread

I was in the mood for fresh bread and I don’t know why but I felt like an olive bread so I though why not make an olive and herb bread to eat with our lunch of a large salad. Unfortunately I discovered that I ran out of olives so …

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Heirloom tomato and bean salad

I don’t know what got it to me yesterday but all day I was dragging and feeling so tired. By 4pm I was looking at the time over and over again, just waiting to put the kids to bed so I could go to sleep myself. Well I fell asleep …

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Nut ricotta stuffed nectarines

We had a very good friend from New York visit us and she is also a food-loving vegetarian so I was super excited to cook for her. I made a lot of small dishes made from vegetables from the farmers market; kale salad, tomato and basil salad, sprouts, bean patties, …

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Bourbon and Peach Glaze

This glaze I love brushing on pretty much anything I BBQ. I specially love it on spicy grilled seitan slices. Whenever you cook a glaze make sure to keep a watchful eye on the pot because it can burn in matter of seconds and then you have to start over. …

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Late night dinner for one

On Tuesday night after I had cleaned up the kitchen and was ready to head to bed I got a text from my late working husband asking if there were any dinner leftover for him. Unfortunately I didn’t expect James to eat at home so there was no food left …

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Chickpea burgers

These are one of my favorite bean burgers because they are easy to make, they stay together during cooking and they appeal to both kids and adults. Bella loves to eat them with BBQ sauce while Noah just loves to eat them as fast as possible and as many in …

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