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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Support An Organic and Local farm when Buying A Turkey This Season

By Fredrica Syren: In most households, a turkey is the centerpiece at the Thanksgiving meal. And there may be no better time than the harvest season to make the statement that you believe in serving good quality, fresh food to your family. Better still, you can do so by supporting local farmers …

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Freezing Summer Veggies

By Kim Robson: I don’t know about you, but this summer I have been awash in the bounty from my container garden. So many tomatoes, I was forced to make sauce because I couldn’t use them up fast enough. So many herbs, I was adding them to just about anything …

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Zoodles — Zucchini Noodles

By Fredrica Syren: I don’t know who invented zoodles, but that person deserves an award because I’m obsessed with them. Zoodles are simply zucchini spiraled into thin ribbons that look like noodles and can replace spaghetti or noodles in recipes for a gluten-free, raw or healthier alternative. They can be …

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Tips on Mushroom Foraging

By Kim Robson: Mushrooms can play extremely important roles in the ecosystem. Some are extremely delicious. Some are also extremely deadly. NEVER eat a mushroom unless you’re absolutely sure it’s an edible species! This article will help you find, collect, identify and store edible mushrooms. Safety First There are no …

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Preserve Your Fresh Herbs

By Amanda Wilkes: I absolutely love to cook. I especially love to cook with fresh herbs. There is something about the way fresh herbs add pops of flavor, color, and texture that really take a dish from great to grand! Soon, I hope to have an herb garden right in …

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Our One-Month Food Challenge

By Fredrica Syren: We have embarked on a one-month food challenge: we’ll not shop from any grocery store at all or eat at a restaurant or order takeout food, and will eat only locally produced organic food from either farmers or the farmers’ market. So why are we doing this, …

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How To Make Acorn Meal

By Kim Robson: A couple of years ago, our neighbors gave us some acorn meal they’d made from wild-gathered acorns. I vowed to try it myself the following fall, and now I do it every year. There are different processes for leaching out the bitter tannins from the nut meat. …

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Eat Your Greens — Can You Eat Carrot and Beet Tops?

By Fredrica Syren: At the farmers’ market, you will be offered to have carrot and beet tops removed; you can see them in big piles behind the vendors. Most people, including myself at one point, have no idea that beet and carrot tops are edible and — more important — …

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No Bake Summer Fruit Treats

By Fredrica Syren: I love summer for many reasons, but one major explanation is the abundance of fresh, sweet berries and fruit available only during summer months. My family love eating fruit and berries as is, but it’s also fun to make enjoyable treats and desserts. However, during the warm …

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Homemade Herb Salt

By Fredrica Syren: Fresh herbs are among my favorite things to grow. This year, with all the rain we have had, my garden has produced lots of herbs. I love using them when cooking and baking, and will dry and freeze some of the extra. One of my favorite uses …

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