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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Super Charge and Super Fast — Food on the Fly

By Fredrica Syren: Between 3 kids and their activities and a very busy schedule, putting lunch or dinner on the table can be a challenge … and I mean a HUGE challenge. I am starting to understand why parents who work long hours may end up serving takeout food or …

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Eat Your Weeds — Dandelion Syrup

By Fredrica Syren It’s so funny how dandelion flowers are, for anyone on a quest for the perfect grassy yard, your worst enemy — but, for a child, a source of major fun. I remember as a child loving dandelions. Their leaves were food for my rabbit; their yellow flowers …

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Blending and How to Choose a Good Blender

By Fredrica Syren: Of all the equipment in my kitchen, my blender is the one I use the most. A matter of fact, we use it a couple of times daily and even have brought it on vacations☺ Throughout the years, I have gone through my fair share of blenders …

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Foraging for Snow

By Emma Grace: Since I moved from San Diego to the Czech Republic, the existence of seasons has come as a learning experience in countless ways. One of the biggest changes is that, in the winter, while plants are waiting out the cold and there are certainly no fresh fruits, …

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The Mighty Lentils And Pasta Sauce

By Fredrica Syren A friend and I talked about busy days and how hard it can be to cook something tasty, nutritious and fast at the end of the day when the kids are super hungry and cranky. This is one of my fast recipes that I use often. It’s …

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Amazing Applesauce Replacement for Eggs 

By Larraine Roulston: After penning the article on free range eggs, I discovered that applesauce is also a great egg replacement in cake recipes. In the past, I had used only the tablespoon of ground flax seed with water as an egg replacer, which works well in oatmeal cookies; however, once …

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What To Do with Leftovers & Why Do People Hate Them?

By Larraine Roulston: Family celebrations usually result in leftovers occupying several shelves of your fridge. Some people groan at the thought of being served the same meal the following night. Others may not be enamored with a reheated casserole along with bits and pieces of salads, cheeses and broken crackers. In …

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Avocados — The Wonderful Fruit

By Kim Robson: History Did you know that avocados, like tomatoes, are actually a fruit? The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree native to Mexico and Central America, and is related to cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. The native, undomesticated variety probably coevolved with extinct megafauna. The oldest evidence of …

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Celebrate Your Roots — Turn Root Vegetables into Fun Dishes

By Fredrica Syren: For someone who tries to eat organic and local, and lives in a cold climate, winter usually means endlessly eating root vegetables. That may not seem very inspiring or sexy, but root vegetables are super good for you and usually are pretty cheap food. With some inspiration …

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Benefits of Cooking in Bulk

By Amanda Wilkes: For so many years I lived alone and always disliked cooking because I unfailingly would have too many leftovers. (I’d be beyond disgusted with my spaghetti by day three!) I guess I just didn’t know any better, but why didn’t I think to freeze my oversized meals …

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