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Green Mom’s Kitchen

Meatless Monday — Pizza Pizza

By Fredrica Syren: Friday nights are pizza night at our house, and since James got a pizza stone for Christmas a couple of years ago, we make pizza from scratch. Making your own pizza might be a little more work than making the normal dinner but the reward is great. …

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Healthy Holiday Goodies

By Fredrica Syren: Oh, the holidays and how much I love them! The lights, the mood, getting together with friends and family,. And eating ….. a lot. I love it, but I hate how all the eating makes me feel, so this year my resolution is to make lots of …

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Meatless Monday — Ginger Carrot Soup

By Fredrica Syren: Soup is the perfect food for the soul  when you’re sick.  I have a million soup recipes, and we eat soup at least twice a week. This past week, my baby boy Liam has been sick with a very bad cold and, therefore, has been a little cranky …

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Meatless Monday — Arrabbiata Sauce

By Fredrica Syren: What I love most about vegetarian food is how colorful and flavorful it is. And if I could eat any specific cuisine for the rest of my life, it would for sure be Italian. I just love pasta with really amazing flavorful sauces, and Arrabbiata is one …

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Meatless Monday — Spicy Peanut and Sriracha Tofu

By Fredrica Syren: I’ve craved spicy Asian food lately, so when I found this recipe on Pinterest, I just knew I had to try it. Served with rice noodles and stir-fried vegetables, it was very satisfying. I suggest starting by adding little sriracha, adjusting the amount according to how spicy you want …

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Meatless Monday — Chili

By Fredrica Syren: Ugh! Today is really rainy and cold. On this kind of day, you need something warm and comforting for your body; for me, that’s chili. Chili is one of those dishes that tastes better the longer it cooks, and tastes great as a leftover. There are a …

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Meatless Monday — Tofu Egg Salad

By Fredrica Syren: Happy Monday, everyone! I love Mondays and have no anxiety about a new week. I just love the fresh start, I guess. However, Monday is my crazy day because I have tons of work, due to a deadline and my daughter’s having ballet class in the afternoon. …

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Meatless Monday — Cooking Killer Side Dishes

By Fredrica Syren:  Most people assume that when you’re a vegetarian or vegan all you eat are side dishes, since they can’t imagine what we would eat instead of animal proteins. The irony is that protein is easy to substitute: beans, tofu, whole grains, soy meat; or products like veggie …

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Meatless Monday — BBQ Neatloaf

By Fredrica Syren:  No, there is not a misspelling in title: since my meatloaf does not contain any meat, I simply call neatloaf. People who are foreign to a vegetarian lifestyle tend to think that all we eat are salads or side dishes, nothing hardy or comforting at all. My …

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