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Green gardening

By Fredrica Syren We all love a nice garden with colorful flowers and a green lawn, but it’s easy to waste lots of water in the garden. My husband almost became obsessed trying to figure out how best to keep our garden fresh without over watering.  With a few changes, …

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A Family Affair

By Chef Centehua  One of my favorite memories growing up was going to the farmers market with my mom. I loved the different scents, sounds, connecting with the vendors; and, of course, my favorite part was sampling food. However, with the growth of industrialized foods, we have been cut off from …

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Rain Barrels–using natures gift of water

By Andrea Patin When my boyfriend and I were discussing installing rain gutters on our home, we became very motivated to use rain barrels in hopes of collecting the water for use in our garden.  Living in southern California has made me much more aware of the lack of water …

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