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Vegetable Garden: Here We Go . . . Again!

By Fredrica Syren This weekend I finally planted all my vegetables, and I’m so excited to have a small vegetable garden once again.  Ever since we moved to this house in 2007, I’ve had a greenhouse and a large vegetable garden in the back.  I really enjoy gardening with Bella …

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Urban Chickens

By Kim Robson Have you ever toyed with the idea of raising a few chickens on a bit of land?  If you have some yard space and want healthy, farm-fresh eggs to eat, it’s well worth considering.  Many communities’ zoning laws now allow a small number of chickens.  San Diego’s …

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Backyard Beekeeping

Collecting wild honey is one of mankind’s earliest activities, as evidenced by rock paintings dating to around 13,000 BCE.  Aboriginal societies in Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America still practice it.  Honey boosts the immune system and prevents allergies, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is absorbed by the body …

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The Beauty of Heirloom seeds

By Kim Robson When you hear the term “heirloom” and it’s not about Aunt Eunice’s sideboard, we’re referring to fruit and vegetable varieties that are more than 50 years old — the same fruits and vegetables our grandmothers grew.  These plants were around long before the huge agribusinesses creating most …

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Composting–Where Trash Becomes a Miracle for the Garden….and the Planet

By Kim Robson Compost is like miracle soil.  It helps sandy soil hold nutrients and moisture, and loosens heavy clay so plants can breathe.  The beneficial micro-organisms in compost helps your plants grow strong and healthy.  As it decomposes, compost feeds your plants naturally and organically.  At green-mom.com, we’ve been …

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The Power of Food

By Kim Robson Food equals energy.  Those who control energy control power.  With this simple equation, we’ll discuss the power of food, who controls it, and how to gain more power over your food supply.  Humans have very few fundamental needs:  water, food, shelter, and reproduction — in that order.  …

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Community Gardens & Lawns

By Kim Robson Can growing your own food help change the world?  As a matter of fact, it can.  With the large-scale industrialization of food, we have allowed huge, faceless corporations to control one of our most fundamental needs.  Re-localizing our food supply means taking control back where it belongs.  …

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Urban Gardening on the Cheap — A Scavenger’s Story

By Asha Kreiling Starting a garden can be exciting and fun, but also daunting if it’s your first time.  You need soil, planters, seeds, fertilizer and tools.  You also need space.  About two years ago, I moved into my San Diego apartment, where I have been experimenting with the awkward …

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From Grey to Green–Making the Best of Recycled Waste Water

By Christopher Marciello Greywater is an interesting resource. It is ever present in our daily lives, yet very few people actually are aware of its existence. So let’s start at the beginning. What is greywater? It is any used water resulting from some sort of washing chore. The water in …

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Worm factory–the factory with a green purpose

By Andrea Patin I wanted to start composting, but our yard is pretty small.  We don’t have space for a big bin or an open plot of earth to create a pile, so I ordered a The Worm Factory 360.  It proves to be the perfect size for our fruit …

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