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Teaching Kids About Growing Plants

My kids absolutely love being in the garden and helping me gardening and taking care of our vegetable garden. They also, just like me, like to “stalk” my neighbor’s who have an specially nice garden in the front yard where we can watch what they are doing. I found this …

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Growing Potatoes in Pots

By Fredrica Syren Growing potatoes is so much fun, and they taste way better than store bought potatoes. Most people believe you need a huge space to grow them, when, as a matter of fact, potatoes grow very well in pots. I actually have had more luck with cultivating my …

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Michele Obama’s New Book on Gardening

By Fredrica Syren First Lady Michelle Obama, who we all know is an advocate for healthy eating and organic gardening, has released a gardening book.  The First Lady, an avid gardener, has planted the White House’s first organic vegetable garden. She broke ground in 2009, creating a 1,500-square-foot plot, and …

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Organic Gardening Information

I think most of you already know that I love gardening and I am the proud owner of a vegetable garden. I was so excited when I found this web page on Mother Earth News web site that has tons of information, advice and blogs of fellow organic gardens. Check …

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Brush Clearing – Protecting Your Home From Wildfires

 By Kim Robson Here in Southern California, we’ve grown warily accustomed to late summer and early fall wildfires fueled by tinder-dry brush and Santa Ana winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour. In 2003, the Cedar Fire devastated most of San Diego County. Fifteen people lost their lives; 2,820 …

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Permaculture-A Gardening Philosophy

By Asha Kreiling: So much of industrial agriculture and conventional home landscaping is about fighting the burdens of nature. How do we kill pests, produce more food, and have greener lawns and prettier roses? This type of thinking goes against the principles of the natural environment, and sustainability is often …

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Why Choose To Plant and Live with Native Plants?

By Christopher Marciello: Quite simply, they grew here.  They have adapted to the environment that we are choosing to live in.  Plants, like everything else, die.  Any time one is transplanted (or just plain old planted), there is a possibility of its dying.  That’s just how it is and those …

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Vegetable Garden: Here We Go . . . Again!

By Fredrica Syren This weekend I finally planted all my vegetables, and I’m so excited to have a small vegetable garden once again.  Ever since we moved to this house in 2007, I’ve had a greenhouse and a large vegetable garden in the back.  I really enjoy gardening with Bella …

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Urban Chickens

By Kim Robson Have you ever toyed with the idea of raising a few chickens on a bit of land?  If you have some yard space and want healthy, farm-fresh eggs to eat, it’s well worth considering.  Many communities’ zoning laws now allow a small number of chickens.  San Diego’s …

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Backyard Beekeeping

Collecting wild honey is one of mankind’s earliest activities, as evidenced by rock paintings dating to around 13,000 BCE.  Aboriginal societies in Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America still practice it.  Honey boosts the immune system and prevents allergies, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is absorbed by the body …

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