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Five Pairs of Hearts …. That’s a Lot of Love

By Larraine Roulston:   With February 14th just around the corner, children are busy creating those familiar Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends. Do you recall the clichés with pets, such as “Dog Gone It” and “You’re Purrrfect For Me”? Imagine now the endearing worm joining the list of character animals that are …

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The Relationship Between Water and Agriculture

By Kim Robson: Food and water, two of man’s four necessities for survival, are inextricably connected. When the growing global demand for higher food yields stresses available water resources, both are in jeopardy. At the World Resources Institute (WRI), new analysis shows that more than 25 percent of the world’s …

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End of U.S. Hemp Prohibition

By Fredrica Syren: History was made this month after a farmer harvested hemp. What is so special about that, you might wonder, since hemp can be found pretty much everywhere these days. Well, in 1957 the U.S. government banned hemp from being grown.The ban is still in effect and won’t …

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Tips for Growing More of Your Own Food

By Chef Centehua Much time, energy and money can go into growing food. However, there are also many ways to make the process affordable, sustainable and less demanding.  Growing a garden does not mean spending hours hunched over, pulling weeds. It also doesn’t require buying a bunch of starts or …

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By Fredrica Syren I don’t know how many of you have been able to escape the unbelievable heat wave happening around the globe. This summer my family has been suffering from the heat in both San Diego and Sweden. Noticing that out of the blue both my husband and son …

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Bee Friends

By Dawna Matthews It’s difficult to imagine my garden without flitting butterflies and the soft hum of bees. I love to watch them dance amongst the flowers and vegetables, and journey onward then return throughout the day. But bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Over the last three years, …

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Natural Swimming Pools

 By Kim Robson Natural pools, also called swimming ponds, contain crystal clear water without harsh chemicals. A natural pool emulates the image of a natural lake. It provides a living body of water for people, animals, and plants; and recreates the unique experience of swimming in a natural lake. The …

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Grow Edible Lawns

By Chef Centehua Edible lawns, as the name clearly states, are lawns you can eat. In fact, before we had lawns, we had gardens. Our ancestors grew food, were resourceful and self-reliant. Edible lawns are beautiful and attract all kinds of pollinators — butterflies, bees, hummingbirds. They also spark conversations with neighbors …

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Getting Dirty – Starting a Garden with Children

By Dawna Matthews Spring has arrived, and with it are days outside and digging in the earth. In early November, my daughter Chloé helped plant our tulip bulbs for the spring. They began blooming two weeks ago. Every day she is so excited to look out the window, see the …

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EU Bans Bee-Killing Pesticides: Is the U.S. Next?

By Fredrica Syren As everyone who follows my web site knows, I have a love for bees and I believe bees are in danger of extinction. Toxic pesticides in our environment are a major reason they are dying. Some people have asked me why bees are so important. It’s fairly …

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