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Child and Baby

The Guilt-ridden Mom

By Fredrica Syren: Ever since becoming a mom, I have grappled with guilt — the feeling that I always could and should do more, and that I should spend more time with my kids. It’s constantly a struggle, but the funny part is that I do spend a lot of …

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Green Your Easter Festivities

By Valerie Yoder: Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth and renewal, to shake off the winter and awaken with a new sense of appreciation for the surrounding springtime beauty. In that spirit, my family and I have been seeking ways to have fun on Easter while remaining healthy as …

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Homemade Gluten Free Finger Paints

by Fredrica Syren: My whole family has been sick with bronchitis for the past week, so we have been stuck at home.  Since any physical activity is out of question, painting has been on the agenda.  My kids love to paint — especially with their fingers — but so far …

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Being My Child’s Advocate

By Fredrica Syren: As a mom, I have had to learn to read my kids, figure out what and when things are wrong, and how stand up for them — to be their voice when they don’t have one.  Over the past 5 years, there have been many times when …

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Fun for the Family

By Fredrica Syren Ahhh, I remember when St Patrick’s Day meant green beer and green clothes.  Back then I would never miss this day and nowadays there is always someone reminding me, and her name is Bella and she is five years old. This day sure has changed for me …

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The Daily Buzz–web site for making kids stuff

I found this great web site on pinterest with simple recipes for homemade kids finger paints, play dough sidewalk chalks and much more. I’ve already made my own play dough but can’t wait to try making finger paints. It’s great, it’s easy, it’s homemade and cheap and best of all…no toxins. …

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Nontoxic Kids’ Parties

Guest Writer: Remember when we were kids and no one thought about the hidden toxic chemicals in everyday items?  My parents have told me that when they went to high school in the 1960’s their lab teachers let them “play” with mercury with their bare hands!  It seems absurd now, …

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The Act of Kindness- Volunteering as a Family

By Kim Robson: Life can be hectic.  When we have family to think of, it’s easy to put community service on the back burner, yet volunteering teaches children so many important values.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to contribute to your community and be able to spend quality time together? Volunteering …

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The Nightmare of Flying with a Toddler

By Fredrica Syren: This weekend we went to San Francisco for a long weekend.  We had tons of fun eating wonderful vegetarian food, walking all over and around the Bay, and — of course — visiting the San Francisco Bay aquarium. We been traveling a great deal by airplane since …

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