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Child and Baby

Workout with Kids

By Fredrica Syren Ever since becoming a mom, I have found that getting my exercise in is a bit of a challenge. Since the birth of my second child, it has been almost impossible to get my workout done without taking away time from the kids. I could feel the …

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Picky Kids Menu

By Fredrica Syren Once in a while we enjoy taking our children to a restaurant. My kids are very good when eating out because they have good table manners, they don’t make too much noise, and they eat pretty much everything. However, I’m outraged and appalled at the limited food …

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Farm to School–Connecting Kids To The Food

By Chef Centehua The farm to table movement is now expanding into farm to school, and this is very timely. This push includes a collaboration with farmers, ranchers, fishermen and other USDA-valued operations. While many kids know their times tables, and know how to read and write, they do not know that milk comes …

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Parents, Please Remember the Sunscreen!

By Fredrica Syren I remember as a kid spending long days in the sun while by the lake and even on vacations in Turkey or Spain. As a blond little girl with pale skin, I always was at risk of sunburn and I did often. Back then, no one ever …

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Happy Father’s Day

I would like to wish all the fathers out there a very nice Father’s Day filled with joy. You are such an important part of you child’s life. You will shape them into the special person they are and will become. Today look at your child and give yourself a …

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Review of Zmunki Baby Ring Sling

By Fredrica Syren I have to admit thinking that, once my kids started walking, I no longer would have to carry them around as much. Wrong!!!! Noah, my 17-month-old son, is a clingy child who loves to cruise around and also loves to be helpful. Especially when I’m cooking. This …

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Campers in Training — The Joy of Backyard Camping

By Fredrica Syren Bella has been nagging for months now to go camping. However, we have been worried about her reaction to being outside, suddenly in the dark in the middle of the night. Naturally, we were not about to go camping just to get woken up by Bella who has changed …

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International Adoption at All-time Low

By Fredrica Syren Many of Bella’s friends are adopted, and it is so wonderful to hear their journeys of how they became families. No one’s story is the same. All of them came from different places in the world — from Russia, Guatemala, and China to here in the U.S. …

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A Mother’s Thoughts

By Fredrica Syren—Green mom On Sunday I got to celebrate being a mom. Mother’s Day, of course, is a very special day and for sure my kids did make me feel special. It made me reflect about being a mom and what it means to me. Being a mom is …

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Being a mom is the most important job I have and the most rewarding. I constantly get my validation that I’m doing a good job from my kids as well as the their love. I know I will cherish forever these special moments I have with my kids when they are …

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