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Child and Baby

The Toddler Weight Issue

By Fredrica Syren My 20-month-old son is a big boy. He has thick legs with muscles. He has big feet and hands. And he’s tall. I guess you would say he’s a solid little man. On so many occasions, at the park and other places, I have run into strangers …

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Farm Camp Review

By Fredrica Syren I think that, these days, children my kids’ ages do not always know where food comes from and what a farm is all about. I wanted Bella to have that knowledge, so last week she went to farm camp and, wow, did she have fun! The camp …

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Healthy Pregnancy with Acupuncture

by Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac. New patients often will call wanting to know if acupuncture is safe to receive while they are pregnant. Absolutely. When acupuncture is administered by a licensed practitioner, it is more than safe. Acupuncture actually assists in creating a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy. From the first trimester …

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Bill Would Expand Fertility Coverage for Veterans

By Fredrica Syren I know many who have turned to fertility treatment in order to have their dream of a baby come true. For some, however, the expense can be overwhelming and sometimes not even an option. There are some veterans severely injured on duty, their best hope for having …

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Teaching Kids About Growing Plants

My kids absolutely love being in the garden and helping me gardening and taking care of our vegetable garden. They also, just like me, like to “stalk” my neighbor’s who have an specially nice garden in the front yard where we can watch what they are doing. I found this …

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The Joy of Traveling with Kids

Fredrica Syren Now, if you did not detect the sarcasm in the title and you think this is an article about how perfect our 18-hour journey to Sweden was, you might want to stop reading. I guess that, on one hand I can tell you that I’m lucky to have …

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Tips on how to get your kids to eat healthier

As a mom I constantly work on ways to get my kids to eat healthy. It’s a struggle but one I’m not willing to give up on since I know I’m setting up my kids to be healthy and to make good choices for the future. I found a great …

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Happy Green 4th of July!!!!

Even though we’re not in the US celebrating 4th of July it’s still on our mind. As we celebrate this beautiful country we home lets be responsible while doing so. Please bring home trash, use plastic plates and cups or bio gradable ones and before you light up that BBQ …

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Workout with Kids

By Fredrica Syren Ever since becoming a mom, I have found that getting my exercise in is a bit of a challenge. Since the birth of my second child, it has been almost impossible to get my workout done without taking away time from the kids. I could feel the …

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Picky Kids Menu

By Fredrica Syren Once in a while we enjoy taking our children to a restaurant. My kids are very good when eating out because they have good table manners, they don’t make too much noise, and they eat pretty much everything. However, I’m outraged and appalled at the limited food …

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