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Child and Baby

I’m Bored, Mom!!!

By Fredrica Syren: Summer is here with warm weather, long days that seem to last forever and summer break for kids. Every year, I look forward to spending more time with all my kids at home, not rushing off anywhere and just being us. Yup, it sounds like a dream. …

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Why Organic Foods Matter to Kids

By Fredrica Syren: It’s a sad fact that we all are exposed to chemicals even before we’re born and as we grow up. Children are at most risk since, by nature, they are more sensitive. Because their nervous system and brain develop so much before the age of 25, they …

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Limit Screen Time For Kids

By Fredrica Syren: My daughter never was interested in movies or TV until she started daycare where, once in a while, they could watch a movie. Suddenly, a whole new world of fairytales, pirates and princesses opened up to her. Soon I noticed she was playing games inspired by the …

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What To Look For in Green Clothing Companies for Children

By Sookie Lioncourt: When parents dress their kids, there is a multitude of choices to be made. As if parents didn’t have to struggle with finding clothes comfortable enough for their young children, and clothes versatile and stylish enough for their older kids, there’s also the matter of selecting eco-friendly clothing brands. Most …

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Children’s Eco-Focused Book That Also Builds a Forest

By Fredrica Syren: The Old Red Barn is an Eco-focused children’s book about American farmland written and illustrated by Kevin Kelly and along with Dr. Chris Laingen, The Old Red Barn tells a relevant story about American Farms that kids can understand. So many children don’t know where their food comes from …

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Disposable Diapers – Time for a Change!

 By Larraine Roulston: Choosing your baby’s diaper is an important decision when committing to green living and your baby’s health. Today’s mainstream choices include washing modern reusable diapers or buying disposables. Several disposable diaper brands are now advertising “Green, Pure and Natural.”   When you consider their life cycle, it is difficult to associate …

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The Joy of Breastfeeding

By Chef Centehua: For me, nursing is the ultimate expression of divine motherly love. Nature’s law is giving. Mothers give nourishment through their bodies so that their babies may thrive. It’s a beautiful and poetic metaphor for the way our earth mother cares for all of us, feeding us generously …

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Angels of the Earth

By Larraine Roulston: With April’s being Earth Month, your children most likely will have brought home from school or day care a variety of “earth” related ideas and crafts. Possibly their teachers will have arranged an Earth Month display in the school’s foyer. If composting is part of that display, it is …

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Why My Child Is Crying

 By Fredrica Syren: Last weekend, my three-year old son had a meltdown when he thought I had forgotten him at a coffee shop. Crying hysterically, with big tears rolling down his cheeks, he came running to me. It took holding him and reassuring him that I would never leave him …

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Home Birth – A Celebration of Life and Birth

 By Arianna Sunshine: Our son was born in early January at our home in San Diego. I labored throughout the day, moving slowly from one position to another, from inside to outside; quiet music played softly; and the smell of carrot cake filled the air. Without knowing how it would …

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