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Child and Baby

Teaching Our Children about Eco-Living

By Dawna Matthews: Over the years I have had to educate myself on eco-living. I pick up tips from many sources — other people I know, reading, travel, all over really. How do we transfer what we have learned about eco-living to our children without its being boring or too …

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Children’s Car Seats May Contain Chemicals

By Fredrica Syren: When we buy a car seat for our child, our primary concern is safety, especially in case of an accident. We might even look for it to be practical and easy to use. Most of us never think about how the car seat itself might be doused …

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Squeasy Snacker by Squeasy Gear

By Dawna Matthews: I generally prefer glass to plastic or silicone due to the fact it is better for the environment as well as human health. For several months I have been searching for something to replace my 4 year old’s sippy cup which has been very difficult as she …

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Raising Girls To Be Happy and How My Daughter Saved Me

By Fredrica Syren:  I’v already written about how, as parents, we’re role models for our kids. Now I would like to talk about how to raise a daughter to be happy and to have a healthy body image. My daughter Bella is turning 8 years old. Lately, I’ve noticed that …

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Why Practice Prenatal Yoga When You’re Pregnant

By Arianna Pinney: “What a child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth…” – Yogi Bhajan Pregnancy is a profound and sacred journey, so much so that a woman’s experience through pregnancy can define her relationship with her child and herself into eternity. During this journey, more than …

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Be a Role Model For Your Kids

By Fredrica Syren: My husband and I noticed that, more and more, our kids had started yelling at each other. It was driving us nuts, so one day when my daughter was yelling at her brother, I asked her why she was doing this. She replied, “You do.” Wow, I …

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Mommy’s Bliss Sweet Slumber Trio — Not So Sweet

By Andrea Patin: I really wanted to like Mommy’s Bliss Sweet Slumber Trio. Really. The baby wash, massage cream and mist seemed enough to send my little guy off on a blissful night of R&R, right? Not so much. Sorry, Moms — there is nothing magical about this stuff. These …

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Room Sharing for Siblings — Miracles Do Happen

By Fredrica Syren: My two oldest kids, Bella, our 7-year-old, and Noah, our 3-year-old, definitely have sibling rivalry down. Sometimes, they play so well together, while some days it seems as though all they do is get on each other’s nerves. That, of course, makes it even more fun to …

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