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Can Your Jewelry Make You Healthier?

By Uma Campbell:

There have been reports on the dangers of costume jewelry. In fact,CBS News reportedthat some of those baubles may contain lead and other hazardous chemicals. But what about real jewelry—fine jewelry. Is it safe or even beneficial for the wearer?

Unless an individual has an allergy to gold, silver, platinum or other metals, fine jewelry isnt such a hazard to health. However, fine jewelry for children may still pose risks. Small stones, earrings, rings and even necklace charmscan pose a choking hazard. And necklaces may put youngsters at risk for strangulation. For these reasons, parents and caregivers need to be mindful of allowing children to wear jewelry. If any child has a proclivity for putting jewelry into his/her mouth, then parents should not allow the child to wear the piece. Common sense always should come before accessorizing.

For older kids and adults, however, jewelry may be an easy avenue for self expression. Choosing colorful earrings, bolder necklaces or even personalized pendants showcase individuality and personal style. Some individuals believe that certain gemstones may hold unique energies and promote feelings of wellness. While there isnt scientific evidence of the healing power of crystals, wearing them certainly may influence the power of the mind.

There are a number of ways to integrate crystals and gemstones into everyday life as a means to help soothe anxiety or comfort the mind.As every individual is unique, so, too, is every gemstone. Sometimes we are drawn to a gem for its hue; other times we are pulled in by the stones attribution to our birth month or by some other link.

Here are a few of the most popular gemstones and their links to our psyche:


Soft purple amethyst is linked to helping to promote a sense of calm. Want a visual reminder to keep calm and carry on? Grab a raw chunk of amethyst and attach it to a silk or leather cord. Choose a stone with an imprint if you want a touch stone—or worry stone—to fidget with throughout the day.


The shell is multi-hued and a link to the sea. Abalone helpsprotect and keep the wearer emotionally balanced.


The blue stone is another gem that helps soothe. Agate also is thought to bring a sense of calm.

Blue Topaz

This soothing blue stone is linked with knowledge. So wearing it is thought to help communication.

Rose Quartz

Love—especially unconditional love—is the energy behind this rosy-hued variety of quartz. Wear this stone to open your heart and embrace love.

Cat’s Eye

Courage, self-control and knowledgeare just a few of the attributes of Cats Eye. This unique stone often has a vertical line down the center, which gives the stone its moniker.


Amber was formed millions of years ago. As age brings knowledge, this stone is known for wisdom and for counteracting negativity


Who doesnt love diamonds? This stone is the most durable of all gemstones. Wearing it may showcase status, wealth and endurance. But diamonds are known as a stone of love, which is why the diamond is often chosen for engagement rings.

While costume jewelry may pose health risks, choosing real metals and gems might be the safest way to accessorize. And some gems and crystals often are linked to certain energies and meanings that may help soothe the mind…or the heart. While there is no scientific basis for crystal healing, wearing these beautiful gems may help you feel good just by looking at them. And no matter what you believe about their powers, accessorizing with crystals will always helps showcase your individual style.

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