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By Amanda Wilkes

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me to go camping for Memorial Day weekend. I was excited to go hiking and fishing and exploring the mysterious trails that crept through the tall mountains.  I knew that at the end of our very busy days we would be very hungry. Of course when I was growing up, camping dinners consisted of hamburgers and hot dogs; but with this newly found lifestyle of mine, the days of eating carcasses are long gone. The other challenge was that I wasn’t cooking just for me, but also for my still carcass-eating boyfriend. Although he eats healthy, he’s just like every other man’s man and enjoys a good cut of meat every once in a while. Since he put me in charge of food, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to impress him with my veggie cooking, so I put my thinking cap on and got creative. Surprisingly, it was not as hard as I thought  and, with a little preparation, I knew we would be eating in style!



Brie cheese with green apple slices on a baguette (Pan needed to warm cheese)

Butternut squash soup (Prepared before – Pot needed to warm soup)

Veggie Kebabs (Marinade and Veggies prepared ahead)

Brownies (Prepared ahead)



Soy chorizo, egg, potato and salsa burrito (Pan needed to cook)


Almond butter and raw honey sandwiches


Cheese and crackers


Vegetarian chili (Prepared before – Pot needed to warm up)

Cornbread (Prepared ahead)





Pancakes (Mixture prepared before – Pan needed to cook)


My veggie diet was a hit, and my boyfriend did not complain once about my avoiding what most people consider traditional camping food. Now I have a veggie camping menu that I  probably will use for years to come. I found that freezing the soups before putting them into the ice chest worked very nicely to keep a lot of the other foods cold. The kebabs were the easiest because I had cut all the veggies prior to the trip, marinated them once we were there, then strung them onto a kebab stick and cooked them over the fire. With summer approaching, I plan to take many more outdoor trips. Maybe you will, too, so use this menu as a guideline and let me know what changes you make. Maybe I can use them on my next adventure!

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